Coming From Manjaro to EndeavourOS [Installation advice for BTRFS + Snapper + Btrfs Assistant]

First, I would strongly recommend not doing what that video recommends if you want to use Btrfs Assistant. It will make things quite a bit more difficult.

To use Btrfs Assistant on EOS with snapper follow these steps:

  • Install EOS and select btrfs as the filesystem
  • After the install yay -Syu snapper btrfs-assistant
    • Optional - Install btrfsmaintenance for more functionality in Btrfs Assistant
    • Optional - Install snap-pac to take snapshots during pacman operations automatically.
  • Open up Btrfs Assistant and create a profile for the root subvolume and choose your snapshot options.

That is pretty much all you need to do.

It is actually really quite simple. Don’t let anyone over complicate it for you.