What terminal emulator do you use?

This is a terminal centric distro so I guess I can finally ask some experienced geeks about their terminal emulator preferences. :smiley:

I always used the default terminal that came with the DE; until last year. When I switched to i3wm, I found that the client side decorations in gnome-terminal kinda ruined the minimal look, and were unnecessary anyways since window management is done using keyboard. I switched to Alacritty. It fits my use - a minimal terminal emulator that works.

But there are multiple other terminal emulators out there - urxvt, kitty, termite … I don’t know all their names because I recently started exploring. Terminator is the default in EOS Its xfce4-terminal that’s currently the default.

So, my question to those who don’t use default DE terminal emulators (konsole, gnome-terminal etc), what features exactly do you look for when choosing a terminal emulator? On what basis do we rank them. All of them display some text (and sometimes images)

Thanks! :heart:

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I use konsole even when it isn’t the default terminal emulator.

I love the splitting features and find it to be an excellent terminal overall.


I normally use Terminator (window splits and broadcast groups, i.e. same command to multiple terminals).
I use Alacritty for speeeeed.


Isn’t it terminator? :thinking:

I’ll correct that. Pardon me :sweat_smile:

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No time right now so i’m using just KDE and Konsole which is good enough…
But once i’ll sort time out - probably st or kitty :upside_down_face:

I look for:

  • Stability
  • Transparency / Blur
  • Suckless preferably
  • Multi-tab or Splits are nice, but not really use too much

Oh and…cool-retro-term looks amazing, and it’s my fetish :blush:
But it’s pretty heavy


st is on my list too :smiley:

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Lately it’s been xfce4-teminal Themes well and serves my purposes. All the heavy lifting is done in a TTY3.

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terminator for nearly everything . but if i searching i use Alacritty it
( soooo fast )

Theming on my Alacritty is done using pywal automatically based off the wallpaper.

The only configs I set are font size, font family, padding and transparency.

I do use xfce-terminal sometimes, because I cannot copy paste text in Alacritty by drag and drop with mouse. The drag and drop to paste text works in xfce-terminal.


I believe this means that it can display multiple terminal prompts at the same time. Is it any different from what tmux offers? I haven’t ever used KDE apps so have no idea about it :sweat_smile:

Oh, I’d forgotten about that! :+1:

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I love Konsole, it’s by far my favourite terminal emulator. But if I didn’t have Konsole available, for some reason, I’d use Alacritty, which is also very nice.

I used tmux for many years, I only recently started to take advantage of Konsole’s splitting windows. It is very similar to tmux (it does the same thing), only it’s better integrated in Konsole’s overall design, it’s less fussy than tmux.

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Alacritty. Which is BTW the default terminal for sway.


btw, all you terminal-ninjas out there, since i love cool-retro-term
Maybe there is some lightweight terminal which can have this features:

  • Transparency / Blur
  • Text glow
  • Moving noise

I don’t think i’ve seen one…But if you know, please tell me!! :upside_down_face:


Almost all of the popular ones have transparency and blurred background (certainly Konsole and Alacritty).

Text glow and moving noise, that I haven’t seen in anything other than CRT.

I like CRT as a gimmick, especially the green phosphor screen, that’s very pretty, but it gets a bit annoying when you have to actually do something productive. It reminds me of Fallout 3 hacking minigame.


Well, i guess it depends on how you set it up, but for daily work it’s not good idea because it’s really heavy and a lot of time buggy :frowning:

To me when tweaked right - it motivates me to enjoy every second of Linux terminal, even just looking on something simple like cal -y is super-sexy!! :drooling_face:

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That feature is somewhat similar but konsole and tmux are generally very different.

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Gnome terminal. Sorry to the only one here :smiley:


I also use the terminal which comes default with the DE. So it’s konsole with my KDE setup and xfce4-terminal with XFCE. I don’t have much demands for terminal. For updating the system and installing programs any of them do just fine.