What’s everyone’s poison?

Bit of a whisky nut myself. My favorite blend is the Johnny Walker Green, favorite malts are Ardbeg and Talisker, favorite bourbon is Evan Williams bottled in bond(White label). Japanese whiskies are great, but in my opinion are way too overpriced. Not a lot of whisky communities outside of Reddit and Youtube. I do love liquor in general though. What’s your choice of poison guys?

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Lots of us enjoy a good drink or 10.

Join us:


I’m a Jameson enjoyer :slight_smile:

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You did the tour? Epic!

Yes it is. I was visiting the south of Ireland with my best friend and the factory was really close to where our gite was. Since its our whisky when we get the chance to see each other, we couldn’t miss it :slightly_smiling_face:

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now i got the taste of music :clown_face:

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here liquor is getting cheap… no clue why… we pay the same for a bottle of whiskey as for a bottle of Olive Oil :wink:

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That’s because the German economy is plummeting and they want the people to drink themselves into a stupor.

I got a Jack Daniels for my birthday… :sweat_smile: Not cheap around here.
I would say that a bottle of Jack Daniels costs around 10% of a minimum wage in Brazil…

sure :wink:
I was accidently stumbled into liquor part of a supermarket some days ago … and saw the prices in the closed cabinet with the high quality stuff and there was nothing over 30€ most under 20€ … that`s nothing hurt the Portemonnaie much …

Back in the day, some 10 years ago I remember a bottle of Johny Walker black label was about 30 euros same as a bottle of Chivas. If the prices now are lower with the crazy inflation past years I would be very surprised. If so it’s because of what I said.

Scotch, made it into a hobby. I like a single malt like Glenlivit, Glenfiddich, The Macallan. I like blended Scotch- Dewars, Cutty Sark, Scoresby.

My neighbor gave me a bottle of JW Green that he didn’t care for…I liked it!

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I can tell you about the predictions people have been making for a very very long time about drugs and alcohol, but it’s probably too political for here. . .

I purchase the odd beverage. I do like a draft beer or lager but it’s not a daily or weekly habit. I can just as well have a soda or some other type of refreshment even if it’s only water!

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Fentimans ginger ale (0).


Man I’m so jealous. I’ve spent more money on whisky than I have on my car :exploding_head:

Fair and valid!

Cutty is such a reliable bottle. Light and tasty, great with a heavier cigar

I m not buying it. I think what you love is the feeling you get from ingesting it. I ve since gone on the wagon, but I drank for 40+ years, and not once did I think booze ever tasted good, (except once when I had an ice cold Schlitz Malt Liqueur on a blistering hot day,) I was always in search for something that was easier on the pallet than the last.