What is your opinion on the steam deck?

In my opinion seeing videos about the steam deck in youtube , Valve did pretty good job on the handheld pc device. I think it could make Linux desktop popular to a lot of people So what is your opinion on the steam deck so far?

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Personally, I don’t use Steam. I don’t have a Steam account, and I probably never will.

I don’t have a Steam deck yet, but I am interested in getting it.

However, I’d like to know how it behaves with a different OS. Has anyone tried EndeavourOS on it?

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I’m happy I bought mine, heck i might even dare say it’s become my main gaming device now.
The big desktop pc only gets booted occasionaly for highly demanding games…

The pick up and play aspect of this device is awesome…
I mean if I wanted I could go on a deep space exploration in Elite:Dangerous from the comforts of the tiny quiet place in the house :sweat_smile:

That being said, i rarely play brand new games on it. (Stray was an exception)
Most of the games i play are a couple of years old (Dishonored, Batman; Arkham CIty, Fallout 4, Metro 2033, Elite Dangerous, WItcher 3, etc…), and that’s where the device shines.

If you set the screen refresh rate to 40Hz, the deck will have no problem keeping a steady framerate, whilst preserving some extra battery life. You might think 40Hz is a low refresh rate, but in my experience it feels closer to 60fps than to 30fps, there are also a good amount of videos on youtube explaining why it feels that way…

Battery life is usually pretty good too with those games, although I always have 20 000 Mah powerbank nearby that has 45W quickcharge.

Desktop mode did not impress me though… because it uses an immutable filesystem you are restricted in what you can do… the stock steamOS desktop also feels sluggish to me.
And while you can unlock your filesystem, it is pointless, because everything you change will be undone after steamOS updates…

I did install EndeavourOS on an external drive, and when I boot into that, the difference is night and day. Everything is smooth and no unexplainable lockups when opening stuff…

TLDR: If you just want a portable gaming device, and are happy to play games from a couple of years ago: go ahead and buy it.
If you plan to use it as a docked computer as well: do yourself a favor, and hook up an external drive to your dock, and install your own OS of choice instead of SteamOS desktop mode


Yes :slight_smile:
No drama to get stuff working either.

No idea about the special screen and power settings though, since those are all baked into Steam’s gamemode

Thats nice . I wonder if since steam os 3 is based on arch , do valve use the regular arch repos or their own repos in steam os?

This is slightly worrisome.

How do games perform on it (when not using SteamOS)?

Honestly I haven’t tested it, when i had endeavour running on it.
I only installed it out of curiosity to see if it would work, but it’s back at stock settings now, since 80% of my game library is from steam anyways…

What i do notice is, that when i install games from other sources (like GOG or epic) through Heroic Game Laucnher on the deck, it stutters way more… I guess it’s because Steam downloads precompiled shader caches.

They have their own repo, steamOS runs on an older (modified) kernel version, 5.13 I think.
Because of the immutable filesystem, Valve only has flatpak apps in the software center,
that way you can keep your apps after a system update…

Yeah, that is exactly what is preventing me from getting it yet. I have no intention of ever getting a Steam account, but I’d like to play games from other sources (mostly running them directly with wine).

So I’m going to wait for more detailed reviews :slight_smile:

I’m sure someone somewhere is already working to get all that stuff sorted for you :wink:

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Hopefully it can handle snek without frames dropped… :snake:


Yeah, I’m pretty sure, too. It’s a matter of time.

Hmm… I don’t know, it’s a pretty bloated game. :rofl:


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They use the Arch repos mostly but the OS install is an immutable image. They use the repos to build their image but the device just gets the image. And flatpak updates for things like Steam. Only the home directory is writable.

I really don’t think this will do anything for desktop Linux adoption. The included desktop mode is very limited because you can only install Flatpaks. It’s really more of an embedded application, when you get down to it.

Proprietary resistance :muscle:

IIRC controller input doesn’t work on Deck Endeavour unless you do it directly through Steam, so GOG buyers may have problems.

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You can launch GOG games through Steam to get around that. You kind of have to…which may have been intentional on Valve’s part, gee what a shock.

On the other hand, there’s other devices (GPD, AYN, and AYANEO, I have one of the latter) and HoloISO (which is SteamOS without a read-only root, so you can actually use pacman) works well on it. So while SteamOS is out there for the enduser types, us mroe technical people have other options.

Come to think of it, GNOME would work well on a touchscreen. Which is why Valve included KDE instead…they want people using Steam as the UX.

I wish I had a hands on opinion, ordered in February, still waiting… To me the cool feature is to be able to play all steam games I have on a portable device, and even continue where I left off on a PC. Will see the desktop feature, it’s been criticized on Linux Unplugged, especially the virtual keyboard.

Was sound working?

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Not exactly. Steam has to be running (this might have changed recently) but you don’t need to launch from Steam.

sound over hdmi worked… didn’t test the internal speakers though…

I’ve never been a big hand held gaming fan since my Gameboy of like 1992.

I really like steam and basically everything except counter strike just works on Linux so far.