What is the endeavour logo supposed to be?

I keep staring at the logo trying to figure out how the double D is supposed to represent the operating system.

Not sure why it’s bothering me, but can someone explain it to me?


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It’s sails of a ship. Very abstract.

The original logo was slightly less abstract and somewhat based on the Arch Linux logo:


I really like this old logo, but I understand why it was changed.

Here is the story behind it:


I never saw a double d in it.
with double d i would rather think of the dd linux command or bra size, but not on EnOS. :sweat_smile:

I like the old one more then the current one. Though a updated version of the old one I think would be better then the current one.

I would have never guessed it was sail boat sails, as it looks nothing like it to me.

Thank you


It’s abstract! For a logo, it’s not important to depict something recognisable, or even make sense, it’s important that it uniquely identifies a brand. Look at McDonald’s or Nike, or Adidas, or MasterCard, or Merzedes Benz, or… none of them make any sense :rofl:

Does Ubuntu logo make any sense? What about Debian logo? It’s abstract! :rofl:



P.S. I still hate him for this! :rofl:

Sure, but there is a elegance in simple understanding as well.

Apple’s logo is a apple
McDonald’s is a M
Windows is 4 windows in a square.

If you make it to abstract you lose mind share (my opinion) as people can’t make the connection as easily. Unless you have a massive marketing budget that constantly hammers the abscure art = thing into people’s brain.

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And Goolag Chrome is 666


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Very fitting…

I only saw a eyeball watching you in the chrome logo.

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That’s also very fitting, all seeing eye :rofl:

The three sixes are often used rotated:


Or a camera shutter… also very fitting.

It’s a damn1 good logo.

1 in more sense than one… also using the word “good” figuratively :rofl:

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First of all the shape is not a D. It mimics a double sail. Not sure why this would bother you. :confused:

Funny story. In the years of my first linux experiences, I was quite young and had no money. I went to an early linux conference in my home town. As my mom was working in Desktop Publishing, making shirts, logos and the like, I asked her if she would make me a shirt with the Debian logo on the front.

And she did! I wore it proudly to the conference, until half an hour into it somebody informed me that the logo was mirrored on the shirt. My mother had used it for the print, but inverted it from the logo I gave her.

Well, I was probably the first person to proudly present an inverted Debian logo shirt at a linux conference.


It bothered me because I did not understand the correlation between the logo and the product.

The logo itself did not bother me.

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What would of been more funny if people looked at your shirt and thought “crap we have the logo wrong. Guys quick we need to do a reprint we screwed up.”

Do not understand the double sails too, since the name is based on Endeavour Morse…