What games are you playing?

What TIM do you use? There are ones that have some nice longevity and may be a better option for you.

I wish I could like FF14 but I play Tank and you just generate way too much aggro as a tank in that game for it to be genuinely difficult to keep it. I prefer to fight the DPS for control and know that Im generating more aggro due to my personal skill and not just the insane amount of aggro generation my class has.

I am now using Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut. Since I switched over to that, I have not had any problems.

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Arctic MX-4 is also one ive used that lasts a very long time if you ever want to try it.

btw, after your very convincing ad of Kryonaut, i’ve tried it out - it’s really good! :+1:

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Those Paradox games are so addictive. :grimacing:

I would recommend Hydronaut - silicone-free is the way to go. :wink:

Too addictive. Every time I want to play as a pacifist and setup friendly treaties to play by diplomacy…somewhere along the lines I turn towards genocide.

Pretty much the same way as Hitman games. Start off stealth then turn into full Rambo elite.


Peace through superior firepower.
I also wanted to try a diplomatic/“almost-pacifist” run but I started surrounded by devouring swarms. Oh, well… :sweat_smile:

Some time ago I tried Crusader Kings 3.


Start in Ireland
marry sone to a pesant girl with superb spymaster skill
wreak havok to the rest of the Ireland and part of England
conquer (inherit) what you can and assassinate multiple kings
get bored
start courting your sons wife the spymaster :grin:
get caught :sweat_smile:
Ireland basicaly falls to a civil riot
England declares a war with 10-times the army

Deathloop is apparently playable with Proton Experimental, so I’m going to give it a go as couple of friends have really been enjoying it.



Oh it’s already out! :partying_face:

used to play Cities Skylines, i love that kind of games… I guess i could play it with wine or playonlinux.

Tomorrow is the day…

Gladly kkkkkk… :slight_smile:

Bought it myself, and it’s very nice. Haven’t got far as yet, but I have a weekend to myself where my mouse button durability will be rightly tested :rofl:

Over time I always play this looter shooter. Got me through the whole stay at home for many months.

Since they were on a flash Steam sale, I picked up the last 3 Yakuza games that I did not have. Their world building is amazing. Wandering around the world and looking at the shops and other places, reminds me of when I was living in Japan. The Disco and Karaoke mini-games in Yakuza 0 are a blast.


Currently i am stuck in tuxkarts until i am supertux lol

you guys installed windows 10 in virtualbox for gaming or directly with playonlinux?

Windoze is garbage.

We use wine or steam