What do you guys and gals prefer to use as your daily driver

there are DE’s like budgie taht rlies on gnome - deepin that relies on kde so therfor I took just the main one in this poll

  • KDE
  • XFCE
  • Stacking Window Manager
  • Tiling Windo MAnager

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Did a double vote here…

for work and productivity related stuff I highly prefer I3WM…
that being said I’m not blind to the advantages a full DE brings…
So for normal media consumption, my go to is KDE (even though a full DE is bloat :sweat_smile: )

double vote?

yeah I ticked both KDE and Tiling WM

Which one do you prefer was the question

Most time is spend in I3, but KDE is honestly a close second

adjusted my vote to be fair…

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TTY :sunglasses:

KDE for now, just coz i don’t have time :slight_smile:


I really like Konsole and Kate, and 90% of my workflow is that, not counting Firefox, which is always opened. So KDE makes the most sense for me.


tbh I hate Plasma but dolphin is the best fm there is IMHO and Krunner is somethin I would like to have even on bspwm

Xfce! :heart:


tiling window manager (specifically spectrwm) as I don’t want to use different environments depending on the device and my laptop is far too small to use something else on comfortably.

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as long as your tile we’re family - spectrwm means a distant cousin tho but still fam :+1:

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only 9 voters so far but the result surprise me - I was sure tiling was gonna get crushed here - can still happen ofc - but I like what I see so far

Xfce ftw :100:


I’m under the impression that some of the “guys” that are female might object to being labeled as “guys”. :wink:

better? :laughing:

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Xfce is kind of the standard Endeavour flagship DE, so no big surprise there for ranking high, and KDE is popular all over. As tiling/stacking WMs goes there are a lot of threads about them as there more than a few around, so that might give the impression that more people use them.

Just my five Swedish Rhupies.


:mega: Cinnamon, anybody?


KDE for me. If you would have asked me about a month or so I would have said Cinnamon. However now KDE is really coming along with my workflow much better than it did from years ago.

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i use lxqt+xfwm4 :slight_smile:

But there are a lot DE’s :slight_smile:

less coverd:

desq shell - a qt5 based desktop , a shell type but is unpractical :stuck_out_tongue:
the shell - qt5 shell based on kwin and some k* components (has also a unofficial arch repo)

ukui & deepin destop, both kinda hybrids my opinion :slight_smile:

ah nvm just to say :slight_smile: probably forgoth some few also :slight_smile: