What do you folks think about Frameworks DIY kit laptop? No system forced purchase!

Anyone have experience with Framework laptops?

I liked the Operating system option:

None (bring your own) I did a modest config priceing:

CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-1135G7
WiFi: Intel® Wi-Fi 6E AX210 vPro®
Storage: 500GB - WD_BLACK™ SN750 NVMe™
Memory: 32GB (1 x 32GB) DDR4-3200
Bezel: Black
Keyboard: US English
Expansion Cards
1 Storage – 250GB
Framework Screwdriver
Power Adapter - US/Canada
Total: $1,177.00



Very nice and not too pricey. Wondering about battery life.


That’s a good point. Something I don’t consider too much as I’m pretty much plugged in. There is a community to ask questions and search for past threads like ours. I found this for
battery life

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Its all BGA which Im not a fan of, otherwise its ok and seems nice enough.

I just want laptop manufacturers to bring back MXM and Socket CPUs. Let us upgrade our systems if we want to. I just want a solid workstation laptop with upgradeable parts. They use to do it, no reason they couldnt again.

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Yea upgradability is something retailers trot out for marketing. How cost effective is it if one has to replace the motherboard to upgrade a cpu? As is the case with Frameworks laptop. How hard is it to engineer a motherboard for the future, and soldered is more durable then socketed… :exploding_head:

Lots to consider.

I moved this topic to the pub, it hasn’t got anything to do with a kernel and/or hardware issue. :wink:

But back to the topic, yes, I do think it is an interesting machine. I really hope they will survive in the long run. Because that is the major issue with these products.


I was wondering when Linus [from LTT, not Torvalds] showcased the machine, what the use case for the 250GB storage module could be.

I mean, I would get an internal larger SSD, rather than use an external slot for storage.

I’m curious what use case you have for it, if you’d like to share.

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I have never had my hands on one, but repairability is a must for me. My Thinkpad, other than my CPU in the mother board is all repairable and replaceable parts. I don’t think it’s add true on them anymore though.

It looks like a properly good setup and worthwhile product idea.


I really like it, perhaps someday…

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So, they sent a free one to Louis Rossmann. Here is his review:


It’s as right-to-repair as it can possibly be (for a laptop) :upside_down_face:

TL;DW :wink:

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I’m curious what people do with any space more than 128GB .

I’m currently using 40… :grinning:

Oh, whoops. I realised you meant the adding a second one in the expansion slot.

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I’ve got 1.25TB in my laptop. . .

Music, movies, photos, a number of VM’s, I’ve used 250GB so far. . .

I don’t know if anyone really uses upgradability as a marketing message for laptops anymore. Sadly, the soldered components become a simple question of economics. It’s more expensive to have to acquire motherboard, cpu socket, gpu socket, cpu and gpu (5 pieces) vs motherboard, cpu and gpu (just 3 pieces) and manufacturing cost to solder gpu socket, solder cpu socket, insert cpu to socket, insert gpu to socket (4 assembly steps) vs soldering the cpu and soldering the gpu (2 assembly steps). Even without approaching the idea of forced obsolesence, it’s probably a question of delivering the lowest cost per unit. I have to think that for 90% of the consumers out there the only consideration is purchase cost with minimal consideration given to repairability (because they can get a warranty, right?) and little or no thought put to upgrade potential.

It’s a sad state of affairs, but I can’t imagine any significant market change that would drive manufacturers back to modularity … I just don’t see the economic incentive for them.

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So many great quotes in that video, worth the watch.

“Thanks for the comment All.Over.H3r…oh my god I can’t believe I almost read that.”
“Show me your cheeks! Oh god now I sound like Harvey Weinstein.”
“Are you showing them your feet? Ya, show your shoes too? Nah fuck that I’m not doing that!”

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LTT Linus believes in them enough to have invested like $225k in them:

I think a whole shitload of people are very interested in a laptop that both looks great and is supremely repairable.

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I think we are biased, being more tinkering oriented. I bet the majority of people will not care one way or another.


Too rich for my tastes… I prefer refurbished units. But then I’m old & cranky. :innocent: