What do you folks think about Frameworks DIY kit laptop? No system forced purchase!

You’re totally right. I was being a bit hyperbolic with “shitload” lol. But I think there’s enough people who care about it for this to be a business model they can survive with.

But only time will tell!


Just personal data backup, This kind of system is not a music & movie workhorse.

Thanks @Kresimir @pebcak @keybreak for the videos, all positive :thinking: and lots-o-info!
Thanks @jiibus for noting the disclaimer of LTT Linus, good to know :+1: .

My laptop is a Dell Latitude c.2010 and my desktop much younger 2013. Both purchased used as is. And yes, I’m old and cranky too.

Thanks all for the thoughtful replies!


Interesting to be able to play around with a laptop build, but a thousand bucks (is that US dollars?!)? You must have money to burn, but I do like the idea. It’s good to play around with hardware and learn about that too. I’m not an advocate of VMs and all that stuff. I’m not knocking the concept of course, I just prefer messing around with builds and old hardware and installing software on bare metal. I think the idea of a lappy like this is an extremely niche product but I applaud their ambition. I hope it proves viable. :smiley:

Coreboot coming :sunglasses:


Framework will be interesting once they have little more configuration options for the keyboard layout and also when they expand their shipping.

Very cool idea and company anyways. Might buy one once they (not soon propably) expand their shipping to Finland and provide NORDIC ISO layout for the keyboard :slight_smile:


They add new layouts gradually https://frame.work/marketplace/keyboards

Even have blank, to DIY :laughing:

Yeah, but I think Nordic ISO layout isn’t on top of their list :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I am not in a hurry anyways as my X1 Carbon 8gen works perfectly.

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Still no option to have a big red trackpoint though :anguished:


In about 4-6 years I’d probably buy one. Hopefully they get a 17" model out by then.

Edit: if I were to shop now I would definitely consider one. I just expect my current machine to last me 4-6 years more, that’s what I was trying to say.

I was thinking about doing the same. I prefer a 15" model and hopefully with better internal graphics and preferably AMD

This was just a “what do folks think…” discussion, no solution. At least some are offering “kits” with operating system choice up to the owner. Upgrade-ability is a marketing myth. Thanks all for your time and thoughtful comments.

maybe close this thread?