What do you expect from Windows 11?

As long as you do not dual boot, and are mindful of what you do on the windoze machine, I see no problem.

Just be mindful that windoze sees all your Linux partitions and can be a backdoor to your Linux machine.

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It’s not dual boot in a sense of a separate partition. It’s dual boots where I actually have to go into firmware settings and change the hard drive as my next startup.

I would go a step further and just buy a different computer. The cheapest laptop that can run windoze. And remove that pestilence from my main computer.

I specifically bought this computer so i could do that. While it’s fine to have two computers at home, when I go on vacation (yes i work on vacation) it gave to travel i would then also need to travel with two laptops.

I just keep Windows for DCS gaming, otherwise I do not care about 11.

I expect…that I won’t be able to install it without a major upgrade to my desktop…and that’s not happening any time soon :roll_eyes:

Me too…I have Win 10 on a drive by itself for the 1(one) piece of software that I can’t do in Linux…Grrrr–Garmin…

i never expect anything from windows
the times I have bought new laptop with windows
I always delete windows and install linux
do not tell microsoft :shushing_face:


Unfortunately, I can very much agree with that. This is typical of both the residential and business worlds.

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And to be clear - that “convenience” is virtual this days, it’s not even real.

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Feels as though each year more targeted advertising is becoming more integrated you don’t need to open any kind of web browser anymore.

  • Windows - Integration into start menu of various ads or Microsoft Store tiles

  • Android - Sad to see my Samsung phone keeps recommending Samsung store and apps, bugging me with updates for apps I don’t use.

  • My XSX and PS5. Nothing more than locked down to one digital store appliances. Main menu cannot be customised and full of ads or microtransactions.

  • I’m no Apple fanboy but I love MacOS has no integrated ads whilst using and respect for using UNIX core. But OK not so great in regards to recent privacy changes of photo scanning.

We live in world in that convenience is the real business now like Uber drive, deliveroo, pickup your laundry, cut your garden grass etc

Costs you money, cost your privacy and perhaps cost your development because can’t do things yourself and become too reliant on it.

However in corporate environment MacOS and Windows will be here to stay. One reason strong enough alone is support. There is no strong business Arch support, i.e. same level as Red Hat or Ubuntu.

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They’re playing a little different game, with same outcomes :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Ahh true. That’s why I do like their laptops because Linux easily installs and hardware works from base install and great screen quality, but I never use iOS devices :slight_smile:

Personally i don’t like Apple hardware as well, because:

  1. It’s known for a fact that Apple supports genocidal slave labor camps in China, which are producing a lot of their (including exclusive proprietary) components…

    And sure with chinese made products / components you could argue you never know if that happens (and probably it is)…

    But in case of Apple you know it, and i just can’t get myself to support that in any way, even if their hardware is best in the Universe (which it’s not :upside_down_face:).

  2. It’s very locked in nature

  3. Explicitly anti “right to repair”


I agree on those points.

  1. True like you said also goes for other Android products and consoles too. Simply cannot prevent your family/kids to avoid such entertainment.

I wouldn’t buy a MacBook but you wouldn’t say no if someone give you one :wink: If work in IT industry so many are just binned from offices due to cost of repair exceeding current value.

  1. Had no trouble with bunch of old MacBooks 2012 to 2015. Even newer ones you can install Linux.

However correct it is locked that you must not completely wipe to install Linux, still need MacOS partition to access SMC functions i.e. fan control and setting battery limits to maintain health or firmware updates. So yea you are never free from MacOS on a MacBook.

  1. Yup. In my city only have 2 third party choices which is AmSys or Jigsaw24 as they are “Authorised Business Apple Repairers”. It’s like you don’t have to give Apple to repair, but has to be their partners and the small repairers can only repair older Macs in future. Sad to see.
  1. Oh you don’t know me :laughing:

    - Here you gooo! :cake: Little nice genocide wrapped in white box!
    - No, thx. Please get out of my house…

    Actually similar happened once, somebody from my family did that with iPhone, had to return it back to shop.
    It’s just not who i am.

  2. No, by Locked i was referring to hardware itself, you can’t really change or replace it on your own, you’ll go back to Apple. On newest models you really can’t as i recall some of the discussions here (haven’t checked it out myself obviously), because of their new models anti-tampering chips you can’t even change some part to exactly the same one, because they’re bound by unique serial numbers and system won’t work “for your security”. Also soldered RAM and soldered SSD (TERRIBLE idea and planned obsolescence).

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I don’t expect nothing from Win11, I’m on Linux, have nothing to do with Microsoft.


The least I expect from it, is to let me jump out of it :crazy_face:

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I need to use Windows extensively at work, so I’m mostly interested in WSL getting better. And on that front, there seems to be some nice things on the horizon. Other than that, it’s just a tool for work. I’m pretty indifferent when it comes to using Windows for work related things. Windows 10 also just worked without any problems for all the things I need.

Generally speaking, I never understood why people say Windows it’s inherently bad (despite being spyware). Never had any big problems using it, even though I develop programs for it all the time. I would never prefer Windows over Linux, but that only works for personal stuff for me.