Wayland plasma massive lags

Hi guys!

I installed plasma-wayland-session and switched to wayland in sddm login screen.
But I have massive lags in startmenu. The menu opens, but if I click on desktop the menu closes after 5 seconds.
Also if menu is shown and I click in startmenu button the menu disappears, thats ok. But if I click on startmenu button again, it appears maybe after 3 seconds or often not. I click again and again but nothing happens.
I have a separate nvidia 1070ti in the computer. With x all work fine.
I7-4770k, 16gb ram
Do I have to install another package or do I have to change any config?

Greetings to all

My recommendation is to just use Xorg. Plasma works much better on Xorg, especially if you have NoVidea graphics, which is always problematic on Wayland.


Or use GNOME.
Wayland by default!

Or not! :rofl:

Edit: Say No to Gnomes!! New Ikea advert. - YouTube

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Wayland is the future!

So is GNOME!

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So thanks for answering.

But I will never never use gnome. Sorry, but that isn’t a good thing.

The point is: I have two laptops with nvidia cards and manjaro. There plasma with wayland works good.

My desktop PC is EndeavourOS. And there I have these problems. Why? What can be a solution to run plasma on wayland good, too?

log out and in again, the lags seem to appear only after changing themes or making other changes to plasma. thats how it works on my machine anyway

Thanks, but sadly no. I logged off many times, I rebootet many times. Problem exists.

They are, errm, laptops so the integrated GPU can drive display instead of Nvidia. Generally using integrated GPU on desktops is impossible, so Nvidia is forced to drive display, and Plasma&Wayland&Nvidia combination is known to cause troubles.

Hmmmm that could be possible. I hoped plasma was only misconfigurated or any package is left.

Ok I have a 4770k cpu. There is also an integrated gpu inside. So I cant use it like intel-nvidia prime combination on my laptops?

All those stories about a dystopian future must be true then.

Truth in this time and age is highly subjective :sweat_smile:

However, the fact remains: GNOME has the best implementation of Wayland :wink:

On this, I must sadly totally agree

I won’t argue that. Hey, something has to work with it! :grinning:

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That’s quite “something”!

Wayland is utter rubbish. Not even Xeyes work with it.


In the current year, Xorg is still the no. 1 display server.

For the last 15 years, every year we ask: “Is this the year of Wayland?” And so far, every year, the answer has been: “No, are you kidding? You can’t even have Xeyes!”… Maybe one day, who knows? Maybe we’ll have the GNU Hurd finished, and Wayland that doesn’t suck, and we’ll play Half-Life 3… and there will be world peace.

This is closest to the possible problem you are having.
The user account (home folders) is misconfigured, in regard to a Wayland session configuration, because it is focused (and used) on Xorg until now.

You can confirm my prediction :crystal_ball: by creating a new user and logging to it using a Wayland session (plasma).
Another thing that may have to do with it is if your DM (SDDM?) is using Wayland or Xorg.

Shouldn’t that be easy to program? Just wondering…

This is true! I will admit that. :wink:

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I decided to switch to Wayland… on Plasma of course. This is on my Ryzen with AMD graphics. We’ll see how it goes. I know simple screen recorder is the only program i can’t use with it.

Edit: Running smooth as silk!

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Prying eyes are against the Wayland security protocols that are deemed so necessary :wink: