Wayland plasma massive lags

Daily driving wayland with plasma for about 2 years. And since then there has been a lot of progress and bugs iron out. I can’t get back to Xorg for sure.

And to be fair, some bugs are still here. Yes, i’m looking at you firefox. When are you going to stop crashing randomly the entire session, when i’m trying to copy a link with a right clic :laughing:

As stated before wayland with nvidia is not a good idea. But i’m on the red side, not the green one … :frog:

No problem copy a link with right click here. I don’t find any issues. I’m sure there are some but i know more Wayland support is in the next updates on Kde coming soon.

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Its really weird because its not all the time. So i forgot and boom a crash :laughing:

My guess its when the action menu opens it crash. I think so because i’ve encounter a similar issue but i don’t remember what i was right clicking. This bug have follow me from kde neon to endeavourOS. Also this only happen in the url bar, i can copy text with RC without issue.

I have some journalctl logs of the crash but i don’t see anything that can give a lead.

Edit: Seem to be fixed with 5.26 update :partying_face:

Let’s see what you’ve got…

I can’t promise anything but will look into it :wink: I am not a coder but would like to learn. Perhaps it could be a nice project, I just don’t know the limitations of doing this on Wayland vs xorg.

Make sure to read that topic about Xeyes in its entirety, to see what the issue with Wayland is.


Thanks for reply.

I use standard sddm from eos installation, not the sddm-git version, so it is running on x I guess.
Creating a new user account is maybe worth to test it.

IIRC this is not an issue any more. Standard SDDM can be run on Wayland.

It’s the best and first advice for such issues.