Wayland or xORG Vs X11?

will there be Wayland added to this distro or is it going stay on xorg / x11?

any pros and cons about Wayland?

You can use Wayland, I’m not sure if it’s installed by default and can’t check. If it’s not installed have a look on the wiki and I’m sure it’ll tell you what to do

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As it relates to plasma specifically, we don’t install wayland out of the box. KDE themselves still consider Wayland support experimental and incomplete.

That being said, if you want to use wayland with plasma, it is as simple as installing plasma-wayland-session and choosing wayland from the login screen.


Your mileage will vary. I have no issues.

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Just use gnome, best implementation of Wayland :wink:

I ran Wayland on Kde Plasma and i had no issues. But, i still like xorg and that’s normally what i use.


:grin: I use Wayland on gnome and have no issues. I never tried Wayland on plasma. I can just say Wayland works perfectly and no problems on multiple monitors, nice scaling, no tearing.

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I’m going to try the multiple monitor set up myself on xorg first on kde then maybe wayland.

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Do you need to install a specific package to run KDE Wayland? I don’t recall it installed when installing KDE.

Just install plasma-wayland-session Then log in under wayland.

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That’s easy, will try this weekend…


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Watch this introductory/explanatory video:

For some stats click here

Decide for yourself what works best for you. And more importantly avoid FUD and CyberBullshiters :wink:


Perhaps here is a good comparison of the two.

I’ve been running Plasma on Wayland since last December and it runs very well for me. In this period I have seen Wayland’s performance improve with each update and around Spring I am running it without switching back and forth between X11 and Wayland.

In day-to-day use, I don’t notice the difference between the two anymore, performance-wise, and it has come to a point I forget about which of the two I’m running, which I guess is a good thing?!?

I am running it on a machine that hasn’t got an Nvidia graphics card, though, so running it on such hardware can have a different outcome.


I ran in to some problem with Wayland on Plasma while using certain desktop effects, especialy window transparancy, so I switched back to X11.

I stil keep Wayland on my system, to see if there has been any improvements from time to time.

I wonder what it was, some sort of flickering?

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Yes, there was flickering. Too anoying to ignore.

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I agree I tried Wayland on Plasma recently and i have found it’s even better now. I’m not using it full time but have tried it. Irregardless Wayland on Plasma is far superior to Gnome. :laughing: