[Warning] Samba 4.11.3-3 pushed on archlinux extra repository is broken


Just a little warning: DO NOT UPGRADE samba to its version 4.11.3, it is broken with python 3.8. You will lost access to your samba share directories.

See this bug:


Workaround: downgrade these packages:

  1. samba
  2. libwclient
  3. smbclient
  4. ldb

Then add them in IgnorePkg line in pacman.conf until samba 4.12.x is released.

IgnorePkg = samba libwbclient smbclient ldb


Thanks for the warning. Doesn’t surprise me, though. I was playing with a Debian sid box a while back and it didn’t work then, either.

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Thanks for informing us.

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You’re welcome about the warning. I did not understand why this broken version was pushed on extra instead of testing…


Thanks :sunglasses:

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I can’t believe it, I’m fighting with it from yesterday all my work for Calamares is on a network hard drive, couldn’t reach it anymore…

So I will downgrade for now, thanks for it @FredBezies

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You’re welcome. Archlinux made a big mistake here.

no, the error is a human and not

So Archlinux team made a mistake.

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For french speaking users, a little article on my blog about this misbehaviour:


For english speaking user, here is the title translated using deepl.com:

Sometimes Archlinux poops in the glue: proof of this is the arrival of a rotten version of Samba on stable repository.

Sorry for it, but when you’re upset…


Are you sure its a bug? SAMBA say they will disable SMB1 by default on version 4.11…

You could trust Bugman approved for sure.


You can reactivate SMBv1 for old devices. But until gvfs-smb is rebuild against new samba, you’ll be no able to create / copy / delete files.

See this thread: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=254166

Yes I have this problem, can’t read/write on SMB1 after update.
Do we know if they are going to build gvfs-smb on new samba?

Let’s hope so. I set up a workaround using Apple File Protocol while samba is broken.

@FredBezies jette un oeil la dessus, c’est assez clair…


Je suis au courant. On est dans la mouise…

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no, you’re at free

C’est clair, ce n’est pas prêt de changer. Je vote pour l’ancienne version de Samba sur le nouvel ISO avec smb1, au moins cela fonctionne. Je suis en train tester le nouvel ISO avec la dernière version de Samba et vlan, plus d’accès sur mon HDD free player, super pratique !!!

Further to this, it seems that samba-4.12.2-3 is also broken. While I don’t use samba in my own network (other than for test purposes), I do have to use it on a number of client sites. When this announcement was made, I checked, found I had the problem and followed the workaround, also blocked pacman from updating any of the affected packages. Which has been working ever since.

I saw today that there was a new samba update, so I thought to try it. Not a good idea… I’ve just spent 30 minutes going back to the older versions. Which was a pain to do, required a lot of fiddling.

So if you need samba functionality with gvfs-smb, stick with the workaround.

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