Upgrade an Older Install

Sorry for being that noob.

I was under impression that a rolling release means install one time and just keep updating, I will be having the latest as if I just downloaded and installed.

But in another post I learned from @magtuired that he had an old install where the firewall was not included, so,


will not install it as it was not installed.

Now my question is:
Is there a command to tell me what release/version I am on? Better a command to upgrade to the latest version and install the missing packages?
Would this (arch-upgrade) be the answer to my question?

Am I missing someting about the concept of a “rolling release”?!

There might be a log somewhere but most of the other strings get updated on existing installs.

Not exactly, eos-packagelist can show you the current packages being used but I don’t think it is wise to blindly install that list each time.


The conceptual problem may be that the “releases” aren’t new releases of the distro, they are new ISOs which may or may not have a different default set of software.

Rolling means that the software you have installed is constantly updated. It doesn’t mean that software from future ISOs are added. Most people would not want us to modify their existing system because we changed the defaults on the ISO.

Thanks @dalto
Now I understand a bit more.
So perhaps if you allow me to suggest:
1- adding on the Endeavour OS web page a little table with the new packages and the commands to install it OR
2- a little package to tell the user what his current “old” installation is missing and select checkboxes to install missing apps.
(in the current case the firewalld)

I may be asking to much. But I care that EndeavourOS be the best of the best.

I am definitely one of those MOST people, and glad it does not change my settings.

This would be probably too much for the team but you can track the changes of these files:

Why? This would mess up an existing install. And if we try to implement this, it would need additional testing and even that wouldn’t cover all scenarios as each system is different.

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I myself would not welcome any OS changing my settings.
But I think there should be an option to select “new” software that is included int the new release. (in our case to know there is a new firewalld and a way to install if the user wants.)

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Read the changelogs for each release for new features.

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Ooooops… though too long I read it (almost), I don’t have a clue what is that!
Sorry, I am so un-techie!

But that would take effort from the user! We can’t have that.



I’m not a techie too, I’m a mechanical engineer. Reading takes time and effort always. You can search for the terms you don’t understand on the web or ask us here on the forum. We’ll help you out.

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This is part of it.
May be a little table/column on the side with commands to install will help noobs? Sorry, it is my nature to care about the noobs, the weak, the poor… and try make life better for them.

This distro isn’t for noobs. I would say any Arch based distro isn’t for noobs.
I started with :enos: as a noob but didn’t have an issue because I always do my own research and the community helped me out if I had an issue.
If you having problems with installing new stuff, ask here, we will help you out.

You can say :enos: is for inquisitive noobs and intermediate/experienced users. You have to be willing to tinker and maintain your own system and learn how to do so if you don’t.


Next to your name I see “EndeavourOS ARM Team” and you say you are not techie! So, if I compare myself I can confidently say I can hardly read and write!

I am sure. The strongest point in EndeavourOS is the community and forum that distinguish EOS from others.
And this is why I am bothering you and suggesting things.
Just because I care about EOS.

@limotux This may sound harsh, but… If you want something like that, then contribute. Take the time to learn how to accomplish what you want done and present it to the community.

I know that we were all noobs once, but we took the time to learn, ask questions, and then contribute.


Most people would just reinstall fresh to get the new defaults.


Yo just made feel a bit confident about myself! Thank you.

I am trying. I will do my best.
I can confidently call this forum and community EndeavourOS Univeristy, at least in my point of view.

I just follow :enos: git code changes to see what’s what


not at all!

I wish I know how to!

I will do my best.

My “old” understanding about a rolling release was to install once only.
But now I have a different concept.
Thank you all.

This is true, almost everything I’ve learnt in linux is through this community and my own endeavours.
It has been less than an year since I’ve started using linux. You can learn a lot by tinkering and playing with your system

I had the same question in the beginning. You can start by helping other users with issues in the forum.
You can additionally contribute to the wiki or translations.
If you want to contribute to the codebase start looking at the git repos and go from there.

I never thought I would be part of the :enos: team. I started by contributing small things and testing and then bigger things.