Unity Port to Arch is available

FYI. Maybe some adventurous folks want to try??


Pretty cool news!

But too gnome-ish for me :clown_face:

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guess no enough bloat for you :wink: :innocent:

TOO MUCH BLOAT!!!111111 :scream: :scream_cat:

DEs are bloat. You should just sign into a TTY and run everything from there.


And you can even play decent games in TTY! :snake:

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yes nox is the way!

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Some might say it’s 2022…so now all the way as well! :rofl:


After this useful experiment, be aware that other DEs cannot now print through GTK3 apps like Thunderbird/Firefox, as gtk3-ubuntu replaces the gtk3-print-backends, making the dialog boxes useless.

How safe is it to install this? Will it mess up my system? I’m too lazy to test it in a vm.

It is probably OK - but I would suggest you create a new user, and when logged in as that user, THEN install it. There is not much conflict I’ve noticed when running it, but why take a chance?

You might enjoy the fancy features that come along for free (effects for window events for instance) including ways of displaying/selecting which window has focus - but you might find that the menu being abstracted to the top bar unusual (and not always successful in the past, depending on the app).

I hated when it went away from Ubuntu originally, but when I went back to it, I found the moved menus a bit much on a hi-res screen (3840-2160 etc).


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Is it still maintained?

I think the person who did the port has moved onto to other projects at this point and it doesn’t look like any of the packages have been updated since last year.

I just saw on distrowatch the announcement about the latest unity flavour ubuntu release.
The main repo was updated in april the last time, but looks like the dude is still active, at least with some maintenance. He’s like 14, so yeah. I miss unity tbh. https://gitlab.com/rswat09

edit: looks like he is working on some interesting arch based distro(immutable, multi distro packages, waydroid) https://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=blendos