Unity DE on Arch

This should be in the Desktop Environments category, but an appropriate subcategory for Unity does not exist (yet), so I’m posting it here…

This brings back the memories!

Unity was the first DE I used on Linux, back in 2010 or 11… I have fond memories of it (mostly because I didn’t know any better). When Canonical abandoned it in 2017 and replaced with ɢɴᴏᴍᴇ, which was, in my opinion, a serious downgrade, it was the trigger I needed to start exploring different DEs and finally settle on KDE Plasma.

I might give it a spin in a VM.


:turtle: :laughing:

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Pub? I’d never expect to find something like that in the Pub. It should be in the Desktop Environments category :rofl:

But yeah, I’m slow…


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i thought putting it in pub will lead to more open “discussion” :rofl:

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So now we’re having three different threads on one topic, more or less the same, Unity being back…

Just fyi.

No, this is about Arch (same as @sradjoker’s thread). What you’ve linked is about 'Buntu.

I know that. The 'Buntu news probably prepared the wave, spilling over to the Arch world, I was thinking.

Did you try it out yet?
I’d be interested to learn if it might be worth trying, for one or another reason.

many distro maintainers failed to build it last week. I haven’t asked them for updates yet.

I can only say one thing. HUD!

Heads-up to you! :laughing:


removed from AUR already :wink:

As I understand it, the AUR package downloaded an installer which installed other packages. I suspect that it was removed for those reasons.

That said, there is a set of directions which use a private repo here: https://linuxiac.com/how-to-install-unity-desktop-environment-on-arch-linux/


easy :wink:


The wallpaper and neofetch are causing a schism in my brain :face_with_spiral_eyes: lol


isnt not stil needs python2, stil need a lot rewite :slight_smile:

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