Two "Bluetooth manager for Xfce" buttons in Welcome 2.2.30+


With this commit - - there is a new button related to blueman.

But it is weird to see two buttons with the same title on it. Hard to choose between the two.

VirtualBox_EndeavourOS - build_20_01_2020_20_54_54

Is it possible to label each bluetooth button a little more, telling which one installs blueberry and which one installs blueman?

What do you think, @manuel as you push the commit?

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Salut @FredBezies,

I have the version with the same double button !
Why the version on this commit is 2.2.30-1 ?

It seems the field below is defined the same for the both Blueberry and Blueman maybe that’s why we got them double ! I’m wondering why the both are not declared on Local like others ?
If @manuel could help to understand how the Yad works ? Would be neat. :crossed_fingers:

--field=" $(ltr add_more_apps_bt)
AddMoreApps() {
  local handle="$1"
  local tabnum="$2"

  local gufw=""            #=gufw
  local libreoffice=""     #=libreoffice
  local chromium=""        #=chromium-browser
  local bluetooth=""       #=bluetooth

  eos_yad --plug="$handle" --tabnum="$tabnum" \
          --form \
          --columns=2 \
          --image=system-software-install \
          --text="<b>$(ltr add_more_apps_text)</b>" --text-align=left \
          --field=" LibreOffice!$libreoffice!$(ltr add_more_apps_lotip)":fbtn            'bash -c "yad_Install libreoffice-fresh"' \
          --field=" $(ltr add_more_apps_ch)!$chromium!$(ltr add_more_apps_chtip)":fbtn   'bash -c "yad_Install chromium"' \
          --field=" $(ltr add_more_apps_fw)!$gufw!$(ltr add_more_apps_fwtip)":fbtn       'bash -c "yad_Install gufw"' \
          --field=" $(ltr add_more_apps_bt)!$bluetooth!Blueberry":fbtn                   'bash -c "yad_Install blueberry bluez-utils"' \
          --field=" $(ltr add_more_apps_bt)!$bluetooth!Blueman":fbtn                     'bash -c "yad_Install blueman bluez-utils"' \
      &> /dev/null &


Because this button #2 was introduced in Welcome 2.2.30.

I think @manuel updated welcome 2 times today, or not sure if it was first after midnight then second few hours ago…I saw that he already worked on Lang, I got it in German…it’s on experimental way.

The tooltip tells that they are blueberry and blueman.
But as it seems to be confusing you, I might as well change the label. Tomorrow. :wink:

It is a yad form field. The $(ltr add_more_apps_bt) is a call to function ltr with one parameter. The function fetches the translated button label, and the translation id is the parameter. That way it can fetch any language translation, as long as there is a proper file for each language.

The actual translations are in files translations-welcome-*.bash. So far we have three translations:

de     (not fully translated)
en     (OK)
fi     (OK)

Any translation help is very much appreciated!

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Thanks @manuel for explanation of code :wink:, I will do the fr :rocket:

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i think must dutch like english :slight_smile: some dutch translation does not sound wel… :slight_smile:

@manuel the fr first version French Translate is done for Welcome App. I sent You a Pull on Git…

I imagine I will have to test it to see if some button text are not too long !!!

I assume you know how to setup the testing?
The translation file should be copied into /usr/share/endeavouros/scripts folder.
Then welcome can be started.

Yep, will try it today later…
Would be great to move translate Welcome on the right place or create a new Thread for it… I discovered that fr wasn’t done because you told it yesterday !

I was going to update my local translation, but you were quicker than me. I read your translation and fixed a lot of mistake in it.

I even add a gzip file if you want to see what it looks like directly.

Here are some screenshots with your translation @FLVAL tweaked by mine.

Post-installation tasks

VirtualBox_EndeavourOS - build_21_01_2020_10_12_08

Modifying DM:

VirtualBox_EndeavourOS - build_21_01_2020_10_12_23

Reported a bug for missing translations here: Missing translations for Welcome

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I see lot of different Thread with Welcome App Translate Progress !
Are you agree to regroup all in the same Thread ? like : Welcome App Translate Progress

@Bryanpwo this has to be on moderators about it or not ?


@FLVAL @FredBezies
I agree, better have this discussion at Moderators area.

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To be honest, I thought the translations were dropped but I have to catch up with a lot of threads. :wink:

The reason the translations in the welcome app wasn’t in the moderator’s area was because of the participation of the translators who aren’t Moderators.


Maybe we can have the translations as unofficial files in a separate place?

This may sound like a bad idea, but I guess some users are very willing to do the translations anyway.

EDIT: the translators should also be willing to make updates when the “default” English translation changes. Otherwise the translations may not be as useful in the long run.

Yep it goes on this way by itself, when a user proposed weblate then it goes in all the ways !
But I do believe for @manuel would make it easier to regroup all in one Thread for it ?

I give You an exemple, we discussed in French with @FredBezies about Welcome App but it’s not the best way cause I need to show some little bug still there so it’s not good. These informations needs to be shared to @manuel

Not easy choice, we have already Translators for it, and then now others Translators from forum.
It needs to find a way to clarify it !

Then my guess would be if we let like this could be complicated to decide who did the best Translate for Welcome App ? At my opinion, our Translators are the most ready for it, what You think ?

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Our translators aren’t moderators.

Then they couldn’t reach a mod Thread ? in case you decided they have the last word on Translation ?