Missing translations for Welcome


I was testing @FLVAL translation tweaked by me and I noticed there is two missing dialog - at least - in welcome for translations.

First in verifying endeavourOS level:

VirtualBox_EndeavourOS - build_21_01_2020_10_13_02

Second in changing wallpaper:

VirtualBox_EndeavourOS - build_21_01_2020_10_13_16

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do not forget to add @manuel so he will get notified…

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Let’s talk about the translations in Moderators area.
We may have different opinions about what to do with the translations.

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Indeed. It could help making translations more complete :smiley:

Well, IF you want a Swedish translation for the welcome greeter, then I can do it.

When it comes to the forum, I really don’t see the point in translating to Swedish, but the greeter might be a nice touch.

Guys, I really don’t want to say it, but I have some medical issues at the moment and my right arm mobility is not up to snuff. I am staying at home in medical leave. Didn’t touch anything tech related since yesterday, so if my romanian translations are missing, now you know why.
i am really sorry for all this.


So sorry to hear that!
But that’s just life, take all the time you need and heal yourself.

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@Anticupidon, don’t be sorry at all, keep your healthy first, we know You helped us a lot. Take the necessary time you need to recover.

Take care.


Your health is more important as of now. Take care!

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Don’t apoligize for this, take care of yourself and I wish you all the best during recovery.


Get well soon, Anticupidon!

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Cheer up, my friend, and get well soon!
Strength and do not despair!


Thanks guys for your support and encouragement.
Means the world to me in my current situation.


Guys, I am slowly coming out of my hibernation and medical leave. Still not at 100%, but starting to work on something will kick my butt and push me forwards
Sorry for asking again, what were the steps for translate for the Welcome ?

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Great to hear you are becoming better.
Go there for translate and please think to your healthy first :


Ok, baby steps.
First Download the original english script.
Open Kate editor, paste and edit/transalte
Save the file as traslation-ro.bash and then add it to /usr/share/endeavouros/scripts

Am I missing something?
i need a github account to merge my code in?

Not necessarily.
You can also show the code here, or preferably show a link to the file after

    cat "your-filename" | curl -F 'f:1=<-' ix.io

I assume your translation is ready now and you have already tested it locally?

For facilities I’m trying to regroup Lang files here in case you create a git count there are FR ES(in course) then when file is ok I give you access as contributor to it like this when @manuel add new buttons or modify the Welcome, You could correct it directly then PR the master file…


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To keep an homogeneity between Lang for Welcome, try to follow this help :

- remove articles on button to not make them too long
- make full sentence with articles on the tooltip that appears on rollover button

I am translating it now.
When I am ready, will call for your support.
Keeps my mind busy…