Missing translations for Welcome

The hardest thing that I see from now from Translators is to understand the BUTTON as BUTTON.
This means, we don’t need articles to make long button, reduce words at maximum is the best way, the rollover serves to make the full sentence with articles, then we just need words on it that are significant to understand what the button will do.

German is not an advantage for it ! So try to follow when it’s possible !

Now I understand.
Tough job, some places I’ll have to butcher the translation, and it will sound stupid.
I am torn.

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What is the status of the translation files in your github site?

I see that the French translation is not exactly the same as what in included in the Welcome app.
Could you check this?

Yep is a new one with some corrections. @juanprm is working on the ES one, It will be updated today…

About Git, did I have to make my repo as a Branch to PR on master PKGBUILDS repo ?
I don’t want to Fork all PKGBUILDS repo to keep it clearer, is it possible ?

@FLVAL I think the approach you used was not the right one, you should have forked PKGBUILD (https://github.com/endeavouros-team/PKGBUILDS) and worked from there. Because to make a pull request GitHub need to compare the forked one with the original, I’m not a Git expert, what do you think? @manuel

Yep I know, this is what I was doing before, Fork all the stuff but I would like to get only this repo to make it clearer just for LANG. I’m wondering if I could get it work if I statut it as branch !

I reviewed the changes to do directly on Git

Any procedure is OK for me. I just need the translation file from somewhere to add it to the welcome app.

We are finalizing the file with @juanprm. I come back with Forked repo and send you a PR when it’s done for the both file FR and ES.

For Spanish @manuel, I believe you will have to add two signs that maybe YAD would not like !

  • the inversed ¡EXCLAMATION at start from some words or sentences
  • the inversed ¿INTERROGATION at start … also

@juanprm explained me that we couldn’t remove them.

Right, the additional variables are understandable.
Looking forward to the translations!

I’m waiting for @juanprm to add signs but with jetlag in Colombia it makes it longer…
Good news ! Welcome will be in PL also, @patryk did it. I will prepare the file then add it with FR and ES today on my new Forked…

@FLVAL my translation is ready.
I save it as traducere_ro.bash from Kate, my editor.
Now, I have to save it in /usr/share/endeavouros/scripts, tehn invoke Welcome
am I missing something?

The file name must be translations-welcome-ro.bash for testing, otherwise welcome does not recognize it.
And save the file where you already saved it.

Then invoke the app in one of the ways below depending on your LANG variable:

   eos-welcome --lang=ro

Thanks @Anticupidon !

You just need to come at the right Thread here to know how to get the answer :

I’m finishing ES with @juanprm at this moment, then I will check your after it.

I need you to complete a Punctuation file to know how it works in RO about space signs, it’s there too

@manuel FR ES PL are ready then now RO is in progress
You want a PR now or you prefer to wait the RO ?

I guess RO is very near so let’s wait for that.
And the others have the opportunity make the last fixes if needed … :wink:

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