Tips for persistent installation to USB stick

I responded on the topic - only afterwards realizing it was a dead thread revived by some before me.

I apologize for participating in the necrobump.

However I felt the information I provided to be useful nonetheless which is why I created this.

If you are not familiar with persisent USB installations a project exist for creating a persistent Arch USB

The Alma project

And a wiki page on Arch Wiki which should work for EndeavourOS

Then use @Krimkerre’s guide to install endeavouros (the guide is for a parallels vm but will work here as well)

And a guide with some valuable inisight. The origininal is no longer available so the link is to web archive

I happen to agree with this statement from the archived page and do the same thing (

about this guide

Perhaps the biggest reason for the existence of this entire guide is my own curiosity. You may find the nature of an Arch Linux installation provides more insight into what is happening behind the scenes than any GUI installation tool out there. Messing around with Linux like this can be fun (and frustrating!). I find learning how my computer works and finely tuning its configuration to be rewarding. With an Arch Linux persistent bootable USB I have my own completely custom operating system, application set, and user interface with me in my pocket everywhere I go!

Also, I suppose I should say, I am in no way officially associated with Linux or the Arch Linux project. I am simply a curious tinkerer who uses the act writing things like this as a learning experience. I have personally followed these steps over a dozen times on multiple computers with no problems, but I can’t guarantee it will work for you. I wrote this guide to be (hopefully) followable by anyone with a moderate understanding of current PCs. My intention is for this to be a fully self contained guide, yet numerous links are provided throughout the text to supporting references and additional resources.

– c-magyar


Thought that thread was dead, will have to give this a go, i currently use MX Linux for this but if i can do it on EndeavourOS or Arch I’ll be cheering, saves me remembering multiple commands

MX i found has one of the best setups for creating a persistent usb and i have used it for awhile but i prefer an SSD installed in a case on USB is much better installing EndeavourOS on it. I just disable os-prober and it is a full portable OS. Faster than USB although slightly larger in size. I find this more useful.