Endeavour OS persistent usb

I have used Arch Linux in the past and I loved it. I wanted to know how to create a persistent usb for Endeavour OS. If the distro is based on Arch, does that mean I can apply the same process for this too.

You can install to USB, but I guess you are talking about the Live image ISO.

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hello, you can do your usb key with suse studio imagewriter,he is on AUR

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But I want the data to persist after every reboot.

How do I do that ? I am not that well versed with Arch.

Suse studio image writer “burns” the ISO file to a USB. It does not install or setup anything for persistence on that USB stick.

If you want to have Endeavour OS installed on a USB stick (like you would have it installed on a hard drive/SSD), you can use a second spare USB stick and install to that, just like you would install to a normal drive. You just select it when running the installer.

If you don’t want to install it, but want to use the same image as the installer but with persistence, then someone else need to chime in on that.

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I want it to use the same image with persistence. Thanks anyways :smiley: :slight_smile:

use rufus to burn the iso it will give you persistent storage option

rufus is only available for windows. Is there a Linux alternative that allows persistence option?

My apologies - I didn’t realize the thread had been necro bumped

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