The upcoming release needs more time

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In our latest blog, we were planning to release a plain updated ISO without any major changes somewhere in November.

As you might have guessed, this release is delayed due to some upstream changes we have to implement. At this moment we can’t give you an exact date when the new release will be out there, so in a way, we’re saying it is going to be released when it’s ready.

For an online installation, the September release still works for a very large amount of users, so you will still have the latest versions installed in the end.
If you’re going to install the offline version, there will be quite some updates to install after the first boot.

In case you run into an issue, our community is more than willing to help you. Just visit our forum or Telegram group.


Today when i was testing September .iso, in VM it was updated just fine, as always :slight_smile:


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Yep, I re-installed during the week using the september iso and it worked and updated just fine :slight_smile:


Take the time you need!


Don’t blame you Bryanpwo. It’s not worth the headache to rush out releases. I think all of us will wait in anticipation for the next one. All of you in creating this OS do an amazing job creating this masterpiece. And it shows in the awesome community we have here.


Good things come to those who wait.