Switch to EndeavourOS?

Hello everyone, I wasn’t sure where to ask this so if I made mistake, admin or moderator can transfer this topic somewhere else…

I’m little weird haha, I’ve been using Windows for 15 years, than 7-8 months ago I decided to switch to linux, I didn’t understand many things so I started with Ubuntu…
But the more time I’ve been on Ubuntu more “problems” I saw… Also I started to learn web dev in last couple of months…
So while I was using Ubuntu I started research about linux world and find about Arch…
Where you don’t need snap,flatpak,ppa etc only pacman and AUR, but because I consider myself still a newbie in Linux world(and pretty experienced user on PC and windows) I decided to go with Manjaro(lot of recommendations…) instead of Arch(fear of “bleeding edge distro” and installation)

And I installed Manjaro and now I’m using Manjaro as my daily driver for last 2 months but on Manjaro I also had some problems and needed to be resolved with timeshift

But then I learned that Manjaro also isn’t true Arch experience…

Today I install EndeavourOS on my old laptop and I like it…
My question is:

First of all is EndeavourOS and Arch really unstable compared to Manjaro?
Is it okay for me to start use Endevaour or you think that I should keep using Manjaro until I have more experience with linux and arch based distro?..

I’m already trying to use terminal as more as I can, read manuals etc but still have some problems where I need help of community or google and not able to really troubleshoot problems myself…

Sorry on my english, I’m not native speaker, I hope you understand my dillema…

I’m not noob in pc world, but I will consider myself noob in linux, so is EndeavourOS good pick for me or should I stay on Manjaro… I mean I want arch based distro, I try many ubuntu based distros, fedora also etc in my vm or on old laptop, and I decided for sure that Arch and Arch based distro is my “way to go”, but which one? :smile:


I can only give my experiences…

As far as stabiility, I’m not going to claim Arch is perfectly stable. I will say there’s almost always SOME program broken at any point in time. Might not be something you use. This is simply the side effect of being in a bleeding edge distribution. The distro itself is fairly stable, I can’t remember the last time an update actually BROKE the distro. And in fact have had better stability with Arch over the years than Manjaro. I’ve had AWFUL luck trying to use Manjaro.


Your path is pretty similar to mine - so i’d say such a switch is very worth it! :upside_down_face:

It depends on stability definition…For the most part at least now, if you’re using some sane DE (something that is not Deepin) - you won’t get too much problems at all with Endeavour / Arch so it is pretty stable :slight_smile:

And lately Manjaro is not very stable i’d say, so on Stable branch you would have to wait a lot to fix some stuff…

We all been there and will be there, but this community is very polite and helpful regardless of your level so don’t hesitate to ask, you will learn quickly :wink:

I was exactly at the same stage about 2 years ago, now i write huge guides on Linux gaming, writing scripts / programs, helping community and promote Linux to everyone i know :laughing:

Everything is possible and EndeavourOS is a very good choice :partying_face:
If you have even slightest doubts - just use it for month / two on that old laptop, you will make up your mind fast i’m sure :slight_smile:


That’s ehy I’m asking, I already have some problems with Manjaro, I don’t eant to compare it with LTS distros…
But if Arch and Endeavour are stable/unstable as Manjaro than that is no problem for me…
I keep snapshots of timeshift always available

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Thank you for your answer… I’m using KDE now and I would love to use it on Endeavour also…

I was thinking about using it on old laptop, but I don’t know, it’s hard to truly experience something unless you use it everyday than you see if there are some problems etc.

Well you can use old laptop daily :upside_down_face:

Same here, although i’m not the biggest fan of KDE out there, but this is pretty stable and good DE if you configure it to your needs!

On Arch it rolls very fast and developing rapidly, sometimes occasionally some bug arise but gets fixed quickly…Also on Arch you can expect new features and design decisions change rapidly in KDE so expect things like “What is that?!” a lot :laughing:

On Manjaro KDE rolls slower, that’s about all differences you’ll really notice i think


Hahah, thank you for your answers, I did get answers that I wanted and I like…
But yes, I’ll first leave it on old laptop, see how it’s functioning and then see am I ready to ditch Manjaro :sweat_smile:


I just recently switched from Manjaro to EndeavourOS.

Stability is not a real problem as long as you don’t modify your system too heavily (without knowing what you do that is).

Yes, Manjaro delays updates on their stable channel, but that only increases the security risk. It did not happen often that bugs were detected in testing. Most of them only occurred in stable and were either due to users changing stuff on their installation that they shouldn’t change, or were due to the things that Manjaro handles differently than Arch, mostly their driver handling (caused by the abomination mhwd). After all, Manjaro dev’s only fix bugs when they are in packages that they maintain on their own. Everything that they take from Arch is fixed in Arch and Manjaro just waits for the stuff to trickle down.

I was using Manjaro testing for the most time that I used Manjaro (about 5 years), and in the last weeks before my switch used only unstable - without any issues on my installations.

Here on EndeavourOS it feels better because it is actually easier to use - because there are no differences to pure Arch and you can freely follow the Arch wiki and guides without the fear of breaking stuff that is handled differently on Manjaro. And the Arch wiki is actually well maintained. Not like the Manjaro wiki where you first have to check if the wiki is still true for the current package set.

PS: If I would have too much free time, I would have installed Arch, but I can’t stand their installation process, so I went with EndeavourOS and don’t regret it.


Okay, you just explained me that “stable” sign in Manjaro and differencies with Arch…
I don’t like to try something I’m not sure, I only like to install some themes, icons etc. but when something don’t work I usually first try to google it and ask in community instead trying to fix it myself when I don’t understand it…

But this thing that you said about arch wiki and manjaro wiki is quite interesting :smiley: I actually always checked Arch wiki, not Manjaro wiki when there is some problem so on that behalf, no problem for me on EndeavourOS :smiley:

Every word that I read here is just pushing me more towards EndeavourOS :smiley:
I’m curently on one online course for web dev, so I probably won’t change distro until it’s finished(18.12.), but then around Christmas I would have some time to do backups etc and probably I’ll go to EndeavourOS, until that I’m going to test it on old laptop :smiley:


That will be a nice little Christmas gift to yourself. :gift:


Switch and don’t look back!

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Simply put NOOOOOOOOO!!!


Hello @PezerAFC If you want my opinion I would strongly advise you to move to EndeavourOS if just for the community. I am new to Linux like yourself but was never any good with windows or mac. I haven’t received as much good sound advice and friendly help from any other community as I have received here on this forum. Obviously that is just my limited experience.

A new Linux user needs their own motivation, but they also need good advice and friendly help.

Just my two cents.



Just in case this is something you want built-in to the distro, Garuda Linux has a very slick set of defaults with a lot of things “built-in”. Garuda is also Arch-based, and there’s lots of collaboration between the EnOS and Garuda communities.

As a comparison, Arch is very bare-bones and you have full control over every aspect of the setup from the ground up, EnOS does a little more for you but installs mainly vanilla Arch, and Garuda provides a fully-featured out-of-box Arch-based OS.

They each have different goals, each work really well, so it depends how much setup you want to do yourself. :grin:


Endeavouros gives just sane default… and with al the extra when a distro les time or different that extras can have things also… linux is always adventurious basicly :slight_smile:

having it all is good sometimes comes with a price or not … you never know

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Welcome! I also use EOS as my daily driver, as a web developer. I find it stable, but more importantly up-to-date, and easy to maintain.
You may be interested in a guide I wrote to set up your localhost : https://forum.endeavouros.com/t/local-lemp-development/8157


Okay, I already love this community with your answers and help only with this question…
I’m definitely decided that switch to eos is good option.
@onyxnz thank you, I will look into it

@muj That’s also nice to hear from someone who is also new in Linux

@jonathon hmm, thanks I’ll check Garuda also, but I think eos is quite good for me, I like options that I choose on start, but not bloated distro at the end :sweat_smile:


Not at all. I used to use both Manjaro stable and Manjaro unstable branches and endeavor is very comparable to either. Maybe even more stable because there’s no holding back of packages like on Majora’s stable branch.

It’s definitely Arch based where endeavor is arch with extra packages.

That’s your call to make. But with your attitude and willingness to learn there’s no question you can pose here that we can’t help you with. If I were me I would stay here. Welcome to the community and enjoy the simplicity.


You wont regret using it, BUT if you meant that you are going to miss Manjaro s pamac, bear in mind that you can install it here, too, using the AUR. By me saying this, I am not, in any way, discouraging you from using the terminal. But you will find good use of pamac as a snappy software search along with info such as dependecies, direct links to their native pages & so on.
Cheers & welcome aboard! :+1:


No offense. Nonetheless, I would say “conciseness” is more fitting since “Endeavouros gives just sane default with minimal bloat” and “enjoy the simplicity” is actually the slogan of Manjaro. As an ordinary person coming from Manjaro, the simplicity IMO comes from GUI kernel/driver/app installers, while in eOS clear instructions are given in the Welcome APP after install. And from my personal experience, eOS is even easier to set up and maintain than Manjaro (which is already easier than Ubuntu).

eOS is just Arch + installer + handy kits, thus more frequent but smaller updates. Manjaro stable holds updates until the devs feel comfortable, so less frequent (2~3 times a month) but bigger updates, which may change many things at once.

My Manjaro KDE setup borked during one of the big updates, unfortunately. And this started my distro-hopoping journey till I reached eOS. :slight_smile: