Sway, anyone?

I feel alone :smiley:
is there anyone else using SWAY?


Not sure what about right here, but…

Just to cheer you up, surely there are - half of r/unixporn :upside_down_face:


I prefer it over i3, it has some more config options available :slight_smile:

i been play with sway … it interesting

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I would like to know why all the i3 users in this forum have not yet moved to sway :slight_smile:

No reason for me to move. You have a good reason for me? Why you think i3 users should move :thinking::blush:

humans are creatures of habit, and… i do try it out more then one time… but it will need to rewrite a lot of configuration i have on my i3 where i do tinker configs for a long time now…


there are some more config options available.
I had used some, that I did not find in i3, but sincerely I do not remember anymore which ones :smiley:

but, why not move, since wayland is the future, I suppose :slight_smile:

are you sure that these configs are not working in sway?
I had no problems moving, but my i3 .config was simple :slight_smile:

everything xorg related and also some of the i3 configs are not working…


wayland maybe the future … it away far future :grin: so look like i not go anywhere soooooooon :wink:

still i have a interest in sway :+1:


but sooner or later have we to leave xorg and switch to Wayland?

Probably unless someone takes over xorg development. AFAIK xorg isn’t really being developed anymore

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Yes, later.

Personally, I’m hoping GNU/Hurd will be ready before then, so I can say goodbye to Linux. :rofl:


I’ve not tried it but I’ve read about it. Supposedly i3 with wayland. And I don’t really care about wayland specifically. Any other reason to try it?

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It’s installed on my computer, and I pop over to it from time to time to see if it’s improved.

Never had a good experience. Although moving around and managing windows seems to be somewhat smoother, there’s a whole host of other bugs that just crop up. My mouse shows up half the time, and works less than that.

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exactly, if you do not care about wayland there no reason to try it :slight_smile:
there are some extra configuration options, but it’s almost i3 on wayland

I’ve moved to wayland, that’s the reason I’m using it, happy with it :slight_smile:

until now (6 months or so with swaywm) I have not encountered bugs or problems that I remember of :slight_smile:

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I haven’t quite figured out, what is so special about Wayland?

sincerely :slight_smile:
I do not know :smiley:

but sooner or later it will replace Xorg, that’s why I’m already using it.
and I see no reason to not use it already on my laptop, since I have not experienced problems so far.