Strange forum bug

When I click the “Suggestion: Rofi configuration for i3” thread the forum freezes totaly. It only applies to that thread.

Am I the only one this happens to?


Nope, same here, it also pushes my fan up to full.

I can’t reproduce it but you are not the only one to mention it.

What browsers are you guys using?

Vivaldi, I have had to unpin and kill the tab to get out of it as well.

Firefox…there is a small spike in cpu usage and it loads a bit slower than normal but doesn’t lock anything up.

yep, Firefox

Eventually it loads, but some xhr query got blocked if you look at network

Since it’s blocked, maybe it’s uBlock origin or something?
P.S. nope, without it it’s same

Note the yellow loading bar, it just chokes and never loads:

I can get to it but i get the spinning wheel for some time using latest Firefox.

Edit: About 10 second hang

Same here.

Weirdly, the thread loads instantly for me in Vivaldi.

Raw chromium no extensions sits at spinning circle.

Perhaps the computer interpreted ‘rofi’ as if it were ‘rofl’ ?


Just to add to the weirdness:

The thread opens fine for me using Chrome and Firefox; sometimes it loads a bit slowly, other times it loads just like any other page.

However, in Chromium, it takes a long time to load (10 to 15 seconds).

If I leave the tab open in Chrome, I eventually get a popup that the page has become unresponsive, but it’s not actually unresponsive. :man_shrugging:

Vivaldi-snapshot here. I had to kill the tab.

Does this one cause the same problem?


Well I guess I will put it back where it was then :frowning:

Good thinking though.

It’s spiking my CPU pretty hard:

OK, everything has been returned to the prior state. Which probably means it is still broken.

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