Starting Over with Xfce

The update that broke pamac broke a lot of applications on my EOS Cinnamon system. My repair efforts felt like a game of whack-a-mole. I eventually tired of removing/reinstalling misbehaving apps only to be rewarded with mixed results so I backed up my home folders and blew out my EOS partition with a fresh install of endeavour 2021.04.17 xfce. Good move. Everything–including pamac-all–works great again. I had forgotten how fast xfce is–snappy! A clean install of EOS is like a freshly mowed lawn–all the weeds are gone.


What is the difference between using yay -G which is to get the package build and yay -S?

yay {-G --getpkgbuild} [options] [package(s)]

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$ yay -help

Okay what I’m not understanding is if you use yay-G pamac? Does it not install the archlinux-appstream-data-pamac? and the other stuff?

I always only use yay -S pamac and select the version i want to install. (pamac-aur-git)

Yay -G downloads the package, but then you have to install it. Yay -S downloads and installs it.

Okay so it downloads the package build as if i use wget or whatever and the build it. I understand that part but you don’t have to install the other stuff separate do you? I’m just used to installing it with
yay -S and that’s it. I have not done it any other way for pamac that is.

If you use the terminal you will see that it also asks to download the dependencies needed to complete the build. This is why it is more “enlightening” to use a CLI than a GUI application. You can see what is going on. You can do this with Pamac as well but that’s another story… :wink:

I do see what is going on but i don’t pay much attention. :sweat_smile:

Edit: That’s what happens when everything just works.

No offence buddy but open a terminal when doing updates and do sudo pacman -Syu or the yay equivalent. You will see the result. After all EnOS is a terminal-centric distro. Live and learn! :grin:

That is what i do? I think maybe you misunderstood my question. Or i didn’t ask it right? :thinking: I am talking about yay which is done in the terminal? I’m not talking about a GUI. Normally i just install using yay -S not -G so i was just wondering if it automatically fetches the rest like it does with yay -S? I only asked because i have not done it this way before. The only other way i have only ever used wget or whatever to fetch and build a package. If i don’t have pamac installed then there is no GUI that I’m using?

When i install with yay -S of course i have to make decisions but i don’t pay much attention to it. Done it so many times i don’t even think about it.

Using yay -S makes much more sense in this case. Not only will it automatically install all the dependencies, including those coming from AUR, but you won’t have to deal with the fact that you explicitly installed your dependencies.

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yay -G = git clone

If you use yay -G you have to use cd to go into that directory to build the package using the command -sri. Otherwise you will just have just downloaded the package. I am just quoting the obvious here, sorry if I am?

That makes more sense. But i was just curious with your explanation in the above post if it was pulling in all the dependencies or was it a different process where i would have to add dependencies after it builds and installs the package and then install them?

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No i understand all that. I just have never used the -G so reading the above post made me ask do i have to add stuff after. Just the way it is written i wasn’t sure? I just use yay -S and respond to the prompts. So it’s different. I’ll have to try it some time. I mean i don’t know every single which way to do something. I just use what works and i don’t think about it.

makepkg -s will install the repo dependencies but you will need to install the AUR dependencies manually.

I don’t know much about package builds. How do you know what you need to install then? Normally when i have had to install yay for instance on Arch i just use makepkg -si after getting the package etc.

Yep, I get it. Normally using an update works just fine. This whole pacman 6.0 thing has caused loads of uncertaincy. If you have Pacman working now then fine. I still recommend using a terminal command to update rather than a gui though. Terminals are less likely to breaks