Stability of the Plasma version?

Hi, I am planning to switch from Xfce back to Plasma. I have been using Plasma with Mjro for almost 3 years and I really enjoyed it. However, the problems with the Mjro version were just too many in the long run. It was that I was looking forward to every major update with stomach ache. You have set up your Plasma system so that everything fits to your satisfaction and then you get an update and you can start all over again. Hardly any stability. That’s why I switched to Xfce and grudgingly accepted it. The reward was a pleasant stability. When I switched to EOS, I immediately kept Xfce. But now I’m itching to give plasma a chance again. My question is simple: How stable is the EOS version of KDE Plasma? I don’t mind occasional repairs, but that shouldn’t become an end in itself.

Mixed bag, as you may know Plasma is not 1000% stable as is…
So on EndeavourOS you’ll get both bugs and their fixes a little faster :slight_smile:

Conclusion: If you don’t use Deepin as DE - you’re good :rofl:
Plasma is fine


Oh, it does not have to be 1000%, 101% would be enough for me …


It feels exactly the same as it has for me for over a year of use on Manjaro/Arch/Endeavour. If you couldn’t handle it on Manjaro, realistically, you’re probably going to have the exact same experience here.

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Just another echo of what everyone else said…

Do you mean me or @fbodymechanic?

@keybreak and @fbodymechanic.

I would argue it feels…snappier on EOS. I am not sure why that is.

The only thing that i know isn’t working is the switch desktop. You have to put your cursor on it for it to work. The right click on the desktop hasn’t worked for a long time.

I must say, this is one bug I’ve never ever experienced. Very interesting.

Maybe? I think my computer is plenty fast regardless. But then again, I have mostly used Arch KDE, not Manjaro KDE, so I could see where that may have a different feel since EnOS is nearly Arch.


Personally, I love Plasma.

It is has its quirks, but it is very easy to configure and the limit to how much it can customised is very, very far. It is also very light on the resources, which is really strange, given how rich (or bloated) with features it is.

Regarding stability, it typically doesn’t crash or anything like that, but you will encounter a minor, slightly annoying bug from time to time. The biggest downside to Plasma, in my opinion, is that it not a simple system, it has many components and understanding how it all works is quite difficult (if you care about understanding that – if you are just happy using it, it is very easy). But that is true for every DE. If you want simplicity (not necessarily meaning ease of use), it’s better to use a minimalist WM, like dwm.


So the work surface change via mousewheel is still not fixed? THAT’s what I mean when I say that something else is always not working. That’s why they build such gadgets like the arrows into the Dolphin.

Amen to that! :frog:

It’s the only place on that planet where simple logic still applies, meaning:
“If there’s nothing to break - it won’t break!” :sunglasses:

No ghosts in a shell to find


@Kresimir I will not Simplicity, I will a little it more Stability. I chose Xfce because I was tired of always seeing new worsening improvements. It reminded me of Firefox. I know the settings of Plasma quite well, I’ve been using it under Manjaro for almost 3 years. I like it.

Well, if you’ve used Plasma for years, then you know exactly what to expect, so I don’t understand why you’re asking this question.

In terms of stability, vanilla Plasma is pretty much the same as the Manjaro version. In any case, it is less bloated so it can only be more stable. Obviously, it also lacks any custom Manjaro theming, so out of the box, the vanilla version looks slightly uglier (at least in my opinion), but that can be easily fixed within minutes.

Overall, an pure Arch system like EndeavourOS will run slightly faster than Manjaro, with or without Plasma, due to the latter containing more bloat. Are you going to notice any difference in performance? Maybe, if you are on a low-end PC, but otherwise, I doubt it.

The biggest improvement to performance on Plasma I can think of is to disable file indexing (baloo). That service really slows down Plasma and it’s, in my opinion, useless. Without it, the performance on all three of my machines is stellar.


I’m referring to virtual desktops. So if you add desktops the scroll wheel doesn’t change desktops. I have tried every setting i can think of and i can’t get it to work. It works on Manjaro AFAIK.

These were also my thoughts and therefore also my question.

Not necessarily low, but already quite old: i5 2500K, 8 GiB RAM and a RX 580, at that time Manjaro Plasma ran very smoothly on my old carrot.

Ok, thank you for the answers, I will meditate on it …

I can only give you this brief answer to this question: it is no coincidence that the EOS installer includes Xfce as the default desktop environment. Personally, I have Plasma installed in addition to Xfce, and I have no problem with it.

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Certainly everything in the world has a deeper meaning.

FWIW, I’ve been rolling with Plasma on my work laptop since July 2019 and haven’t experienced any major issues so far.