Some Manjaro user questions about EndeavourOS

Hello everyone!

I’ve been looking to EndeavourOS for a while now and also at this forum… One thing I need to say: this is the best Linux distro community I have seen!
Now, I am using Manjaro KDE and I am happy with it, but EndeavourOS looks like a good system… What do I need to know if I make the switch? What are the major differences between the both? How’s the Nvidia graphics support?

I think that’s all, thank you all for your time! :slight_smile:

My system:
Acer A515-51G 55EX

  • Nvidia GeForce MX130
  • Intel i5-8250U
  • 8GB RAM
  • 1TB HDD

Bem-vindo @Xinux26 !
Enjoy your flight with the Endeavour :smile: :rocketa_purple:

For Nvidia have a look here:


I have a Lenovo Y700 laptop with nvidia and intel (optimus) and this was the easiest setup of any distro I have tried. Their wiki is great, by the way, and I followed it and all went exaclty as the wiki said. Also worth noting is the friendliness that is all over this forum. I love it!


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Welcome aboard, @Xinux26 :clap:


Thank you all for the great welcoming! This is truly the best community I’ve seen! :heart_eyes:

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Cool of you to try! Not many people would! Welcome to EndeavourOS!


Welcome to the forum!

I would start by saying that, technically speaking, Manjaro and EOS are more similar than they are different. That being said, there are some key differences.

  • Manjaro bundles updates into releases, EOS lets updates flow in as packages are updated upstream
  • Manjaro has channels(stable, testing, unstable). EOS does not. The Arch testing repo is available but that is not really the same thing as Manjaro channels.
  • Manjaro maintains many different kernel versions. EOS generally has versions of the latest LTS and the current kernel available. Other versions are available in the AUR or other repos.
  • Manjaro has prebuilt kernel modules for several common drivers. EOS relies on either dkms modules when there are not prebuilt modules upstream
  • Manjaro has an automated driver management framework MHWD. EOS has some scripts to assist with tasks like installing nvidia drivers but generally relies on the you to install the drivers you need.
  • Manjaro has a kernel management tools which also manage installing the matching Manjaro modules. EOS has a graphical kernel management tool but you need to either use dkms modules or manage the modules yourself.
  • Manjaro DEs are heavily themed and customized by the maintainers. EOS mostly ships uncustomized DEs and allows you to customize them yourself.
  • Manjaro has separate ISOs for each DE/Edition. EOS has a single ISO which allows you to select the DE.
  • Manjaro does offline installs of all DEs. EOS offers an offline install of only XFCE. The other DEs are available through the online installer.
  • The Manjaro forum is focused on distro support. The EOS forum encourages more community through off-topic exchanges.

Welcome @Xinux26

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Whenever I see dalto typing I know we’re getting a exceptional well-thought answer that only a few people could ever write of the top of their heads!


i have try manjaro so many times and i always come back to EndeavourOS
EndeavourOS i3wm and bspwm rocks :+1:


Woah! Thank you very much for this clear answer! :heart_eyes:


Hello @Xinux26
How do you currently have your Nvidia set up? Are you using optimus-prime?


Yes, on Manjaro I currently use optimus-manager-qt to switch cards :slight_smile:

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Should be no problem on EndeavourOS either. It’s just a little different process to set it up.

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Thanks everyone for your kind help! I’m going to flash and install EndeavourOS now! See you soon! :wink:


Just have a look at the wiki first for setting up the Nvidia and optimus-manager-qt. It’s pretty straight forward.

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Hey Xinux26! Good to have you with us! Having come from Manjaro too, all I can say is that from a difference perspective, EOS is far closer to plain Arch than Manjaro. On top of that, I’m running an RTX3070 with zero issues on xorg. Wayland support isn’t quite there yet, but the rest has been wonderful.

Experiment, back up your data and make the jump! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community :beers: