Kernel update


Can we see the output of inxi -Fxxxz

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can you tell me how to download EOS? right now

Wait a short while for the website to come back?

ok i will download tomorrow . another question is EOS and manjaro os based on arch , so both are stable but any difference ?

Take a look at this:


Website is down for maintenance for a little while.

Edit: Looks like it’s back online now!

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its back up now

This is it for anyone looking for a GUI updater.

From the downloads page on the website.

Yes. EOS is up to date. Manjaro is usually 1-4 weeks behind and uses a lot of their own packages. More in depth than that, check the thread Dalto posted.

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You can download the latest ISO now. The kernel automatically updates. This is a rolling release distro that is always updating. You can use the terminal to update or the welcome app has an update button on it. There is also a package you can install from welcome called akm to install & manage additional kernels such as lts and zen.

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A terminal-centric distro seems like a very strange choice for someone who wants a GUI to update his system.


In any case, opening a terminal and typing yay is not very difficult.


No need to write linux, the u option takes care of that. There is no need to reinstall the kernel.

To update just use

sudo pacman -Syu

or, shorter:


Not to mention the “more CUI-centric” option to simply call the Welcome app and update it from therein. Still a lot safer than any GUI app.
Let me repeat that GUIs serve a purpose to conveniently look for software & get an easy access to info about them.

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i am installing EOS for many reasons , top 1 is manjaro community kinda toxic / weird. EOS community always try to help me


that means after install EOS , then new kernel released so automatic update or i need to update that?

Yes. It is automatic.

When the new kernel comes out you will move to it with normal system updates

You have to actually install the updates but they come automatically. It’s a rolling release it’s always updating! So yes it automatically updates. As @dalto said it installs with normal updates.

another question is can i install gnome with kde? like i can switch to kde or gnome when i want . ?

You can, but you probably shouldn’t.

Installing multiple desktops introduces a lot of minor issues. While it isn’t that big of deal to work around them, unless you have the experience to do so, it will likely cause frustration.

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Updating in Enos is so easy. Just typing yay works most of the time.
In Ubuntu I had to do

sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade

yay is so much simpler.

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