[SOLVED - Sort of] What's Been Happening with EnOS on Distrowatch?

I just went onto Distrowatch and I see that EnOS is still in 5th place but closing fast onto 4th. Will EnOs pass Pop!_OS this week? The suspense is …


P.S. I hope that EnOS doesn’t get TOO popular in DistroWatch. If it does, just wait until you see what kinds of people it will attract …







I’m not interested in being top 5 honestly. But I guess that’s cool.


exactly that, and that’s all :wink:


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I wouldn’t say pointless. It means that people who use Distrowatch are interested in certain distros and therefore click on them. That is an indicator of the popularity of certain distros inside the Distrowatch user base. Also the ranking should be somewhat right overall, because the top 10 seem to be the most accessible, used and mainstream distros out there.

So overall it’s not bad to be on top, because it does represent how popular or interesting a distro might be.


Well, it looks as though tomorrow (June 25) might be the day (to become # 4) …


I agree that it isn’t pointless but I also don’t think it is representative of the broader community. Especially at the top.

It represents interest from a very niche segment of users. Specifically distrowatch users and people searching for a new distro. Basically, distro-hoppers looking for something new. As a result, younger distros tend to float to the top once they get some momentum.

This should be obvious by looking at the top 5. None of the large distros which have huge userbases are even in the top 5. Those top 5 ditrowatch distros, while they get a lot of internet “press”, are all relatively speaking smaller distros in terms of total userbase, even if we only consider desktop users.

If you want to know what the top 5 desktop distros are, I think that is pretty easy because they all have huge userbases. It would be pretty shocking if it wasn’t Arch, Debian, Fedora, Suse and Ubuntu(Ordered alphabetically). However, beyond those big 5 there really isn’t much way to know where the rest sit outside of something like distrowatch.

For servers it is probably Centos, Debian, RedHat, Ubuntu and SLES though Centos will probably fall out of that list in the coming years.


I do not understand why whether you are No. 5 or No. 1 on distrowatch
it does not matter to me
if you make a distro minimal iso
it means more to me so I can set it up myself as I please.
Manjaro is No. 2 on distrowatch and has so many faults
have tried manjaro almost every time they release a new distro
but always comes back to EndeavourOS because it is so minimal
has almost never had problems with EndeavourOS itself
I learn a lot more when I use EndeavourOS
so thanks to all those who helped make EndeavourOS
peace from here


… killing me. :grimacing: I honestly expected to find EOS on #4 today already.


I have to state that I have written several of these DistroWatch posts strictly for fun. As many have noted (and I have too), DistroWatch rankings don’t mean a thing in terms of which GNU/Linux systems are actually being used in the real world.

I do check DistroWatch at least once a week just to read the newsletter (it was there that I first found out about Antergos and then EndeavourOS!) and I take a look at some of the rankings.

But I do that, as I said, just for fun. I hope that no one takes those rankings too seriously.

They are good for a laugh!



It will get to #4 when it gets there. It also can and possible will get to #3 or higher. Time will tell. I do believe that distrowatch represents some form of value albeit however you see it. I don’t get hung up on it. It’s just a tool that has some form of value for different types of users. I do believe it serves a purpose as @dalto has pointed out. People who look at the website go there for their own reasons.


Even though Distrowatch is the equivalent to a ‘clickbait’ site, it is good to see three of the top 10 spots coveted by Arch distros in general. I think there lies the celebration. :partying_face: :boom: :confetti_ball: :enos:


As of today, June 25, 2021, EndeavourOS is in the the number 4 position within DistroWatch’s rankings.

That’s quite an achievement for an operating system which was released only slightly less than two years ago. At the very least the number of people investigating this distro on DistroWatch shows the great interest in it which I believe is due to the fine reputation it has built over that short period of time. And that reputation is at least partially (mainly?) due to the excellence of this forum which, in my own experience, is by far the finest “Linux” forum in existence.

The developers and maintainers should rightfully be proud of their accomplishments in creating EndeavourOS and I very sincerely thank them for it and for all of the effort they put into keeping this distro one of the very best in existence.



Over all in the Linux community I think this is great & in less than 2 years.Thanks to all of the devs and those involved with EndeavourOS. I’m proud of everyone for their efforts and hard work! :fireworks: :balloon: :tada: :rocketa_purple: :enos: :enos_flag: :partying_face:


What I love most about EndeavourOS is that the devs aren’t restless and hyperactive like some other distros and don’t over-developing this distro to death. You get the bare minimum of development and a maximum of freedom and self-determination.
:nerd_face: :sunglasses: :+1:


This, and thankfully there’s no “community manager” practicing here what they learnt in spin school either, like in some distros. People here are able to respectfully disagree instead of being told what to think…

On topic: nice 'n all, but personally I don’t take DW too seriously. Just one of many wee indicators, 's all :wink:


Shame most no understand that. You get clean fast system to do what YOU want , No what others think you want . still you get lazy people " i want, it should have , thats basic function on all distro , bla bla bla "

Your system your rule… + you know what installed . that make easier to fix ( my opinion only ) :innocent:


Zacly. I see it more like a sport. Harmless fun rooting for “My Team”. :partying_face:

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