Sluggish EndeavourOS experience

I recently switched to EndeavorOS from Manjaro and I have found the user experience to be quite sluggish. My machine often freezes and has full CPU usage when I open several applications at the same time, and I find Microsoft Edge also takes up a lot of CPU and RAM.

Please provide us system logs so that we can help you.


Swap undefined?
GPU driver?

Hi @sradjoker, Sorry for the late reply. I have attached here my hardware information and boot log:
inxi -Fxxc0z --no-host | eos-sendlog

journalctl -b -0 | eos-sendlog

I had setup a 4GB swapfile earlier. And I’m using propriety Nvidia driver

Have you tried switching to the normal kernel or the lts kernel? Are you able to replicate the behavior?

I’ve been running the Linux-lts kernel for a few days now, but the slowness persists (especially when I open a few tabs on the Microsoft Edge browser).

Could you explain it more and take me through the process of ‘replicating behavior’? Thanks

Have you tried the regular upstream kernel instead of LTS and Zen?
Also, do you have the same behaviour with another browser?

A full description of your specs and the DE or WM you are using would also be helpful for us to help you solve the issue.


Have you tried to install the LTS kernel and boot your machine with it?

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I tried the main Linux kernel as well as using another browser like Brave, but the system freezes still persist.
I have also attached my specs here:

And I also used cpupower to inspect the power settings of the machine, and I discovered that the CPU profile is always power saver when booting even though I had switched to performance mode(maybe the problem is there?)

What were you running that is using so much RAM, or did you have more than 10 tabs open in your browser at the time you took the snapshot?

It clearly is a RAM usage issue or rather a lack of RAM, but I do have a slightly younger ThinkPad than your DELL running over here that uses less RAM with three tabs open in Firefox.

What does your htop(or whatever resource manager you have) look like? Something is eating a lot of ram.

Perhaps ps_mem might be useful as well. Make sure your system is fully updated:

sudo pacman -Syu

Install ps_mem:

sudo pacman -S ps_mem


sudo ps_mem

I don’t think so, because I was only using three tabs in Microsoft Edge at the time :thinking:

Here is my bpytop screen atm

10 year old hardware and is only a dual core processor.

Have you disabled speed step in the Bios?

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Looks like electron apps (I am guessing discord) and brave are eating up your ram. Unfortunatly modern web browsers eat lots of ram. Honestly the only thing you can do is reduce the amount of tabs you are using at the same time, increase your ram, or maybe try using a lighter DE like lxqt(this may get you a little more ram but not much.)


Personally I would go with

on this machine.

256MB RAM is the recommended minimum for antiX. Installation to hard drive requires a minimum 5.0GB hard disk size.

:enos: openbox is really lightweight is almost a fully functional DE. It might be a better option.
OP might find this post helpful. I’m doing this on a Raspberry Pi that is not powerful.


question… why change from manjaro ? maybe same “sluggish” performance… @pebcak idea is good move or try openbox or any WM like @sradjoker post.