Show your latest purchase! (With pictures)

Does Xiaomi still force its users to wait a week before the bootloader is unlocked? The specs of their phones are usually top notch considering the price.

Can’t say, but I don’t really think so:

Create a Mi account on Xiaomi’s website. Beware that one account is only allowed to unlock one unique device every 30 days.

Damn they added a couple of weeks!

Darn!!! Thanks for the heads-up!

  • Download the Mi Unlock app (Windows is required to run the app).
  • Run the Mi Unlock app and follow the instructions provided by the app. It may tell you that you have to wait up to 30 days. If it does so, please wait the quoted amount of time before continuing to the next step!


As oftentimes, I didn’t read the badly translated Japonese Manual before the purchase.
Oh well…

But this is what I can say about the phone; after running iOS devices exclusively for many years, iPhone 11 was my last, I can say it surely beats them in many ways:

Battery, camera, storage & price…
The Android Universe being accessible through FOSS by way of F-Droid software store, etc.

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Agreed and if you really need a proprietary app you can use the aurora store, assuming you keep your LineageOS degoogled.

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20221020_162529 (1)

after upgrading to a 5900x decided to preemptively get a better CPU fan for when the hot weather hits in my studio next year (on the top floor with tiny windows so it gets brutal up here come summer). saw the noctua nh-d15 was on sale so figured why not. my ram is too tall for the second 140mm fan but oh well, dont think it matters too much but mb a 120 will fit. we’ll see. rly need to swap out the case fans at some point but i do kinda stay laughing at how obnoxious it is and it does help me find my way in here at night sometimes lol. also tossed in an old 2.5 HDD i found for timeshift.


Is that a coffee machine, a toaster, or what exactly? Does it measure your blood-pressure? - Could be life-saving in the mid-term… just some friendly thoughts from here.

And I have to admit: I am no gamer. 30 FPS are my observational limit as a regular human being.

donut maker

Ah, see…

my PC is for art making primarily. i do some gaming but honestly not much just when i need a break from audio+video work. some of the processes i use are pretty taxing though and use a lot of resources at once. i mean the other day i was hitting 30gb of ram usage during a session so i definitely get this thing chugging and i’d rather not kill my machine when i have deadlines and projects on my calendar.

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Old school keyboard, not that old school… Hiding geekiness at work, no RGB lights but keychron quality (brown clickies) :grin:

This looks like the keyboard from the 80-90s.



IT’S A FAIRPHONE 4 with eOS ( degoogled Android ) : - )



Coding socks :purse: :lotus:


never wear coding socks without decent sweatpants :point_up_2:

No it doesn’t. A keyboard from the 80-90s would have a lot more keys. A lot!

that looks sick honestly

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Depends if it is integrated in the computer. I recall the color comes pretty close but true many keyboards lots more keys.


Like so


Edit: stumbled also on this short synopsis on keyboards…


Thanks! It is a blast typing on this! Just switched out a 15-20 bucks wired keyboard with this new one that can be used with cable or Bluetooth. Battery is integrated and it can auto sleep to save battery. Pretty cool stuff!

sorry about the bad photo

lovely keyboard, shame it wont work with my password, i used a character i just cant find on this new keyboard, so i plugged in the old one, changed pw, which now isnt accepted with either the old or new keyboard

i might be away for a few hours…or maybe here permanently

edit: new pw works after reboot. has it always been like that? i never knew


Buddy took over my office chair…


So I bought a new one. A Secret Lab Titan 2022 with Softweave fabric. The box was bigger than I expected and weighed 37.5 kg.


Buddy then “helped” me to put it together.


I am really liking it. Very comfortable.