Show your latest purchase! (With pictures)

I’ve gotten to spar with one and, they are nice. f you’re interested, this is their website.

Also, this is a US based manufacturer that makes some darned nice equipment as well. I use their longsword and broadsword.

BTW - HEMA stands for “HIstorical European Martial Arts”.

Also, get arrow “bird blunts” to put on the end of your sword, that will protect your ear while your learning the motions.

I prefer electronics with blue lights. So buying this was a no brainer.


:cold_face: :grin:

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Raspberry Pi 400


Well, that’s certainly from all the arms deliveries to Ukraine.

Nope, before that those suckers were even much cheaper. The sanctions seem to work against the West in some kind of mysterious ways…

For 60 €, these are a bargain! Finally a pair of earbuds that have ANC/ambient mode, decent mics, great sound, good touch controls, small case and wireless charging. And again, under 60 €!!! Wish they had hybrid foam tips, which would make them perfect. They still stay in my huge ears incredibly well with the largest wings and stock silicon tips.

EarFun Free Pro 2. I highly recommend these if you need solid buds but don’t want to spend too much.


Well, the patio that I have been working on is functionally complete. All that is left are things I can do over time. Stuff like electrics, adding a tile floor, and rain guttering.

As you can see, Buddy has given it his seal of approval.


Yes, my life is comfortable and easy now that I have a comprehensive cable solution!


Thanks for sharing!
I could certainly appreciate a “comfortable and easy life”!

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Decided to get rid of the G5 SE gaming laptop, as it’s just TOO heavy for how I like to use laptops. So found this for a bargain. Bought 32GB ram to upgrade (humorously, yes, it is indeed the same G.Skill 32GB kit as we’ve been talking about) and swapped out the 256 NVMe for one of my spare 1TB drives (Sabrent Rocket-Q 1TB).


Currently living with the in-laws while we build our new place and in the area they live the internet is terrible… as much as it pains me to give Elon more money it’s been a game changer for us


What does a ping look like on that thing? Does it have decent latency?

I need to find time to swap out the internal 1Tb HDD in the machine (Lenovo IdeaCentre) for this 1Tb SSD…

Actually not too bad nothing like old satellite tech, my wife and I can both play an FPS online and it’s playable… vey impressive… compared to what we had (4G) it’s amazing.

Very area/congestion dependant from what I’ve read, upload and download speeds have been great.

Nothing beats the stability of fibre though, plus starlink is super expensive

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Added another hard shell for another Thinkpad to hide all that black… The blue one is the new one (L14 G1A). I really wanted orange, but while all colors (except orange) were $20 & 2-day free shipping, the orange one was $24 & 2-week $5 shipping…so I just sucked it up and got the blue one.


It takes 2 minutes, man. Less than you needed to post your message.

Also, can I say that I’m super duper jelly of your 1TB SSD.