Show your latest purchase! (With pictures)

Not sure but he’s one folk that can wear a beard very well.

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Good to know. I may have to try it out one day. I would be curious to see how it feels. Thanks

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Just be sure to use Personna Teflon-coated blades, with the triple facet grind (they also have the same blades available uncoated). Most of the other GEM-style blades are not sharp enough for shaving, they’re intended to be used in utility knives or paint scrapers.

It’s not like double-edge blades, where there are dozens and dozens to choose from. With the SE GEM-style blades, there’s the Personna stainless, the PAL carbon steel blades (which I think are made by Personna), and I understand that Treet makes a carbon steel blade, and that’s about it.

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Reminds me of my desk, pens, notepad with random drawings and notes, ciggies, bowl, hair ties, random dummy hand etc
As long as I know where to find it, I call it organised chaos :laughing:

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Yes. I am a childish :smile:


NANDs for the NAND god, storage for the storage throne! :wink:


I’m just happy it’s your inner child and not your outer child. :wink:

Bought a K.O. II from Teenage Engineering.
It’s a sampler/groovebox.


Epson UST 1080P LS300 3LCD Laser Projector. Streaming the latest episode of Star Trek Discovery.


I’d be interested in how much noise and how much heat a laser projector like this produces.

I’ve found this source[1] where it says:
heat: 897,6 BTU/hour (max)
noise: Normal: 36 dB (A) - Eco: 23 dB (A)

Is that realistic for a practical setup like yours, do you think?

There is some noise, but less than an overhead projector. Thus far, I’m finding it an acceptable trade off, especially considering the theater screen size per $, as well as the easy of changing from one room to another.