Show your latest purchase! (With pictures)



Arrived yesterday and connected: Edifier S351 DB

together with the FiiO K5 Pro a Dream :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


The subwoofer brings sound for the neighbors too, eeh :notes: :loud_sound:

But why the heck does it look so organized :rofl:

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Yes, I still have to decouple the subwoofer from the floor with a granite slab. My previous subwoofer wasn’t as powerful.

Do you think it looks organized? I like this, for me it is normally so :wink:

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Oh yes, for me its my Saustallnormally :rofl: :rofl:

Everything is on my table: Chewinggum, Ashtray, Notizes; Smartphone,Glasses, Amplifier, Operating instructions…

A wise man once said: I can only find my way in chaos :joy:


My girlfriend sometimes describes this order as autistic … no idea why … :thinking:

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Just because that 2004 desk and PC-case look like they just rolled out of the factory onto the show floor doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong. I give that a 10/10 on my shit-togetherness scale. You do you! :+1:

PS: Also my knees hurt looking at that.

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At least the PC case really is a bit older. Around 2011. I also plan to keep the case. It’s easy to store everything in it and fits well in the desk compartment. The drive bays are now empty, but that improves ventilation … :wink:

Now that looks sweet!

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Since nobody asked: A nice desk mat could really tie that setup together. Introduce some personal touch (depending on color or motive), tone down some of the wooden press board vibe while avoiding introducing unnecessary kitsch.

A desktop-mate IS unnecessary kitsch. :grin:

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Since the sub woofer is sitting on a hard wood floor, it is possible that could introduce some harmonics. Try different materials, such as the granite slab you mentioned, plus other materials such as a foam pad. Then see which sounds the best for you.

Since the sub woofer sits between two wood panels, also try moving the position of the sub woofer. Back closer to the wall, then forward more even with the desk front.

Have fun tinkering around.


See the PM I sent you.


Nonono, you can get rid of the mousepad. Also the desk is going to feel less cold in the winter, and there’s less sweating in the summer. Highly functional upgrade! :wink:

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It’s not a hard wooden floor, it’s hard PVC flooring :wink: .

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The Maya 2000 24-piece cutlery.

The original Maya is a now classic design from the early sixties. It made som waves and won a few awards. I just love the industrial, sixties-style futuristic design. It would fit perfectly in a scene in A Clockwork Orange, or in 2001 A Space Odyssey.

We had the original at home when I grew up. I’ve always missed it since. It isn’t just fancy design, it is just the very best cutlery for actual practical use I’ve ever experienced. Only flaw in the original design was the fork teeth, they were just a bit too short.

That has been fixed in the updated design, the Maya 2000. Also, all pieces are at bit longer and a bit slimmer. This makes it even better in use, in my opinion.

Somewhat obscure, I’ll call it an exquisite cult cutlery (haha!), it isn’t too expensive either. Mid-range priced, but top of the line cutlery!


I got into vintage (and modern) double-edge safety razors last year, and now I’ve started playing around with vintage single-edge razors.

I recently got an Ever-Ready 1924 “Shovelhead” razor that was manufactured between 1919 and 1924. It’s a spectacular shaving instrument.

It uses GEM style single-edge blades; I’m using modern, current-production Teflon-coated stainless blades made by Personna (USA):

For being 100 years old, it’s in damn good shape:

The head is hinged at the front, unlike its predecessors that had the hinge at the rear. You open the head via a latch and insert the blade:

Snap the lid closed and you’re ready for a very smooth, very comfortable, and very close shave. It slices thorough my tough, coarse whiskers like a hot knife through butter.

It’s one of my favorites. Made in Brooklyn, New York.


I have been using a double edge safety razor for a few years now. Do you prefer the single over the double? Just a little curious

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Prefer is not really the way I’d put it. It’s a different experience, not night and day, but different enough to keep things interesting. It’s considerably more efficient at removing whiskers than most of my roughly 20 double-edge razors, and very smooth and comfortable doing it.

I’m not going to stop using my double-edgers, but this single-edger has me on the hunt to try a few more SE razors. It’s a fantastic shave.


I want @c00ter shaver, it seems to do a very good job without the road rash.

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Has c00ter started shaving again? The last I knew, he had a truly epic beard.

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