Show your latest purchase! (With pictures)

I got fed up with the Nvidia card I was using and got this yesterday… It’s enough for my simple needs and I don’t have to think after proprietary drivers any more!


My P14s Gen4 AMD arrived yesterday!! No pictures, because it went back to Lenovo today!!

Did they screw it up or just junk?

The very last piece of my puzzle finally arrived today. After getting lost for a couple days by the great USPS workers.

Hello AMD 6700xt.

The build is nearly complete short of wire tucking. I’m very very excited.


OLED is GARBAGE. Good things, it’s nice looking, and either it doesn’t use PWM or they got the PWM to the point where it doesn’t cause ME headaches. YAY!!! Bad things…because of the OLED, even at 40% brightness, LESS than 6 hours on battery from 100%. And this is with 2 browsers running (1 just playing music from youtube, the other actually browsing) and thunderbird. $2k after taxes for a 6 hour runtime…no thank you. That’s abysmal.

I’ve been looking at potentially getting a regular 6700 to upgrade. I don’t want to redo cable management, so I’m limited to 1 8-pin for my GPU.

This is my first ever build, so everything was built to go together. I couldn’t warrant the price difference between a 6700 and higher. I’m not paying $1000 for a GPU ever, that’s just insane how expensive they are now.

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So far I m not a fan of Manjaro. Why couldn t I install Endeavour on this thing?


Report back on your experience overall after some time! :upside_down_face:

I second that. My beloved Droid Phone is dying. I was very much tempted to use the PP pro, but will go for the Pixel 8 (pro) instead. Will put GrapheneOS on it so it won’t be AS bad, but still bad compared to the PP pro - but I need a working daily driver…

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Price tag of Goolag Pixel 8 may change your mind though :rofl:

It will be hefty, your right. But: Selling the preorder gadget combined with my telecom plan (which is supported by my employer aka “Mitarbeitertarif”) it won’t be much more than the price for the PP pro - a price I will gladly pay for having a goolag free phone with sec updates for 5 years.

I don’t know about that, i suggest to wait and see how GrapheneOS will handle it once it’s out…
Perhaps it will be first one of them un-f**kable, who knows until it’s out and properly tested by security researchers.

If it is the same as the last gens, then it will be available 2 weeks after launch. There is just absolutely no hint that it will be different this time.

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I bought he 7 immediately after release and GrapheneOS was available within a couple days.

Did you try EnOS? So curious. If you can, and its stable, I’ll get one

The one I’m keeping has arrived!! So much nicer screen. Although I’m having to keep Windows on it a bit longer than expected due to Windows arriving in a unregistered state.

Edit: And I’ve gotten most of the skin on it! I’m getting better, I actually got the top skin in 2 tries, and the palm reset skin in only like 3. Still suck, but getting better. Haven’t put the bottom skin on because this skin doesn’t have holes for the screws, and I don’t want to swap my SSD until after I get Windows activated so I can just go straight to EnOS on it.


Nice ThinkPad!

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And it’s got a real OS on it!!!


Got new rat in da house