Should Linus(LTT) Pick Endeavour as his Daily Driver?

On the latest WAN Show, Linus and Luke made a bet that they will daily drive Linux and the one who loses gets a punishment. Linus asked Anthony, the one who does the Linux videos on LTT, his opinion and he said to go either for Endeavour or Pop. Now, my question for all of you, should Linus daily drive Endeavour considering he is very tech saavy, but has never daily driven Linux before?

Here is the video pointing to the exact moment.


EndeavourOS for sure!


He should pick whatever he wants. I don’t care.


I saw that episode. If I were him I’d choose Manjaro. I don’t see Linus fiddling around with the terminal. He cannot afford to waste one minute on things like maintaining his OS. He needs to get stuff done, and doesn’t care one way or the other how he does this.

Remember EndeavourOS is “terminal centric” and as such it’s not the best OS for people new to Linux. It still suits some more curious souls, prepared to go through a learning curve. But I wouldn’t recommend it for someone who does the high stakes work he does (high stakes for his business I mean), without a prior knowledge of Linux.


Linux Mint for Linus!

ps- good distro anyways


Well, for gaming (which i assume he does) i’d say EndeavourOS :upside_down_face:


I literally have no idea who he is. But if I were me, and it was my first distro - I’d choose Mint.


i would bet he will go for PopOS :video_game:


no matter what they pick/advise for him . I sure it be good advert for Linux Desktop / gaming


Previously his videos would show Manjaro and Pop OS

Probably Manjaro as it is the lazy Arch distro for gamers to get their hardware working more out of the box without consulting wiki for packages to install or remove, blacklist bulit in driver etc. I see many threads “Oh it works for Manjaro, must be Endeavour issue” or “Oh it works for so must be endeavour issue”.

Also popular on steam for Linux users



That always make me giggle … Bad workman always blame problem on bad tools :innocent:

think you right "lazy to learn "


Or can just be lazy response. “install both Manjaro and Endeavour, update packages latest, pacman -Qe to txt file for both and use diff to compare”

Don‘t know why they discard/laugh off fedora. Doesn’t seem to be well informed…

The problem is that this guy seems to be influential in the gaming/tech community. If his experience gaming on linux sucks then thats the image his windows viewers will have of linux. The other way around could be good for peaking the curiosity of non linux users.The destiny of time is in his hands :thinking:

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If he wants to learn Linux, Arco would be a good pick and Endeavour as well obviously. If not, I think Manjaro would be quite friendly due to its built-in graphical tools like pamac and the AUR. Since SteamOS is Arch based, it’s probably best for both of them to go with an Arch based one to get a feel of what is to come with Steam Deck.

I agree when I saw this I literally went: “What’s wrong with Fedora?”

Personally, I don’t think it is the best choice for that particular use case. Fedora’s stance on proprietary drivers and software make getting access to those things not only more work than on Arch or PopOS but there is less documentation on how to do it. Additionally, there is less information available on Fedora in general. Both Arch and Ubuntu have a wealth of information available if you get into trouble.

As a side note, I am not anti-Fedora, I am typing this message from a machine running Fedora.



:pray: for link… they make some good points.

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Honestly he can pick anything but Manjaro or Ubuntu. Pop_OS is a great choice, especially when he doesn’t look like the guy who knows stuff about Linux. Linux mint works too! EndeavourOS is a bit advanced and can be a painto configure, for a newbie. Not shamming anyone! Gobble gobble



  • You can get the online minimal installer - Netinstall which is server only and Fedora Everything which is contradiction in name because it lets you choose packages explicit and even DE or no DE even, which end up with more minimal install than actual Fedora Gnome from main download itself or other DE spins.

It is super lean and snappy even on old hardware.

I feel as though Anthony from Linus Techtips where videos are too random should have his own channel on Linux/Networking which will more interesting.


Yeah, ofc! I even wrote a comment on YouTube and told him to choose something Arch-based :grin: But I think he will go for either Mint or Pop. Anthony uses Arch, btw.


Fedora would be a good choice also IMO. But when ppl suggested it in the chat during the stream he was like “What? Do you seriously think I would ever use Fedora?”. So nope, this Linus won’t choose Fedora.