Should I create a Timeshift snapshot?

Hi, before installing EndeavourOS I was using Linux Mint. I was advised to keep at least one Timeshift snapshot just in case regular updates cause any issues.

Should I create a Timeshift snapshot under EndeavourOS too ?

Why is Timeshift not in the main repos ? Its available in AUR.

It depends on whether you want to have Timeshift or not.

If you intend to break your system, or you think it is likely that you’re going to do that, then yes, having Timeshift take periodic snapshots of your system is very convenient.

If you’re low on disc space, then you probably don’t want to have Timeshift.

I don’t know. The Arch TUs, in their infinite wisdom, didn’t deem it worthy to be included in the repos. :rofl:

It’s in the AUR, it works.


I don’t intend to break my system. The only thing that I am worried about is regular updates causing breakage.

Yes, please. I create a Timeshift snapshot before major system upgrade dumps, and/or at least once every two weeks. It has saved my :peach: several times.

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That usually does not happen, unless you’re using graphics drivers from the AUR.

If stuff breaks during a normal update, it’s usually not catastrophic, and you can boot up your computer just fine.


Okay. Since I have a separate spinning hard drive I don’t mind giving up some disk space.

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Challenge accepted :sunglasses:


There is no downside to it, except the space the snapshots take.

I am using Intel graphics which uses the open source driver.

Unless it’s BTRFS :wink:


That’s the best way to learn :frog:

I would be shocked if any update broke that. I think you are in no risk of an update making your computer unbootable (and you can always boot a live image and chroot to repair a broken system).

So, Timeshift is not necessary, but it is very convenient if you ever want to revert your system to a previous state.


Understood. Thanks.

Things to look into re: timeshift.

There’s a pacman hook which will automatically create a timeshift snapshot before updating packages. Check out the timeshift-autosnap package, which is technically intended for use with btrfs file systems, but works with rsync and ext4.

The only other thing about the timeshift setup that definitely requires btrfs (I’m assuming you are using an ext4 file system if you installed EndeavourOS by using the defaults in the installer, so this won’t apply to you right now most likely) is the grub-btrfs package which will auto-add snapshots to the grub boot menu making it easier to recover if some change prevents your system from booting.

That being said, truly system breaking updates are pretty rare, especially if you use common sense. Ex: If you see that your latest update batch is going to have something major in it like systemd or the linux kernel, or a new Xorg or Wayland version, check out the Arch news website or these forums to see if anyone has posted anything. Also look into pacdiff for managing new and updated configuration files that come through, because sometimes you might need to manually merge some config changes or settings. It’s moderately rare however.

Update at least once every couple weeks (long stints between upgrades can make it more likely something will potentially break, and much harder to troubleshoot), keep an eye on the forums and the archlinux news feed, pay special attention to things that people are saying require manual intervention…you should be reasonably safe.

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I update my system daily.
The first thing I do every morning is check my email & run pacman -Syu.
I am following this routine for long long time. I am new to EndeavourOS.
I have used mostly Debian based distros.

ZFS is cool, give it a shot

As someone who is a big advocate of zfs I can say definitively that running zfs on root on EndeavourOS is non-trivial.

It may not be the best option for someone trying to decide if they should use timeshift or not.


Yup, I totally agree

it would be great if it was possible to save snapshots on external drive.

I do that all the time with EXT 4. Learn about the program before posting FUD.


Timeshift can’t do that with btrfs snapshots because it creates r/w snapshots by default. However, btrfs supports replicating snapshots to another device.

I will say this over and over again but as it relates to btrfs timeshift is a terribly limited tool. It’s only purpose is to recover a snapshot of your root volume if something goes wrong

If you aren’t taking btrfs snapshots, timeshift can backup to an external device.