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I had created this topic for another reason,
But suddenly everyone started to share their mobile home screen here

So i changed the title

Feel free to share your Mobile Homescreen to this osm community

Original post:
Hi, it would be cool if we have endeavouros Android app

So we can open the app without opening the browser

We can get notifications on our Mobile

It will perform faster as an native android app
Than website on mobile browser

Do have any plan to implement it?

There is an official Discourse app, if you add this community in that app you will have a native experience.


If you’re using Firefox on Android you can add it to your home screen.

Click install


Then add



with android & chrome or firefox you can make a forum app on your phone :slight_smile:

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We can not view topics in discorce app

I can make android app for this forum (if you give me permission) &

Also publish it on play store (if you guys don’t wanna publish on your account)

You have my blessing, but I have the website link on my Android phone screen with our logo on it and it notifies me when I receive a reply.





@anon86288359 here are the notifications


Got it,

Sometime i wish, we may have linux on our phone

With gnome, kde, xfce like de

And total control of our os

With all our open source desktop apps optimized for mobile

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Even though they are trying, i think it won’t get wider adoption.

I don’t how it is in India, but there are a lot of mainstream apps I need in daily life. Just a few examples, the covid app, bank app, parking app, health insurance app, government apps and they will never come to Linux. Just look at our Desktop apps vs the mainstream apps and the mobile apps are more “vital” in use.

That is really clean homescreen :stuck_out_tongue:

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Then drop government, easy! :upside_down_face:



Its same here in india,

We cant live without this essential apps anymore

Android has linux kernel, but that’s it

Full linux os has no chanse anymore in mobile arena

It truely miss the boat

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I only have four screens with the most used apps, all grouped in the same category. The rest I have in the screen that you swipe up. (I don’t know the name of that one)

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Here is mine


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But this one is pretty clean also.

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Here is mine.


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I call that clean also, I often see more chaotic ones when i look on friends and family members’ phones. Some are true chaotic, they themselves often can’t find a thing.

I think Chrome, Firefox can do that easily.

It is better than some kind of forum app.

For example XDA made 2-3 forum apps, but that was big fail. Maybe few years back they are popular ( forum apps) but nowadays you have browsers :slight_smile:

But if you can make perfect one, why not :stuck_out_tongue:


mine :slight_smile:

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