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Can you please post a video of this? sounds crazy

I don’t think so, you may found an answer in the Display section of :

inxi -Gxxx

It’s minimalist only because I started using it and I was testing rnr file manager. :sweat_smile:

it crashed and kept crashing after some point because its under development still

it is being ran from tty

Yeah labwc is i thing best replacement for openbox on wayland.

But its replacement of somting easy, stable and old.
Nothing more only openbox nativly under wayland (from outside).

Now there is lots of better VM , openbox and his compatible ports without nothing significaly new will slowly disappeare or move to special projects :slight_smile: .

I will be preparing low power pc for consume internet for beginer and i thing i will use (N3350 , 6g ram) and for that , clen arch(endeavor no desktop) with noting mote that labwc on wayland and optimalise everything will be good start. (Becaus i know the openbox config :smiley: … i remeber its like 20yers the same … )

I’ve not been “playing” a lot with Openbox, I was more a Windowmaker/Rox Filer/Xfce guy :smiley:. I still keep using Xfce and I didn’t find any wayland alternative I would switch to yet.


Only a few widgets added and reduced to the bare minimum
Klassy Theme, Klassy Window decoration. Klassy Icons again. Blurred and transparent as usual.
Top Panel Application Title Bar and Global Menu. Application overview on the far right.
Bottom panel kickoff launcher, compact pager and bar with icons. PlasMusic toolbar and wunderground on the right. System section of the control bar reduced to the minimum.


found this icon set in my stuff don’t know where i got it but it was a perfect match for my all purple theme


I really need to investigate NixOS further. I have Fedora Kinoite (Fedora Silverblue, but KDE) in a VM at the moment. Atomic, while technically immutable, seems easier for a noob to immutable distros.

But, having a look at a pretty comprehensive NixOS wiki, I may give that a go.

I only switched over today, I had been using Silverblue for a month or so before today. I had been wanting to try NixOS but had never taken the time because it looked so much more complicated than Arch. But yesterday I decided to install it in a vm and then I realized it wasn’t at all that complicated so today I reinstalled my desktop system with NixOS. I’m really enjoying it, since it kind of gave me the feeling Arch first gave me when trying to figure it out. I’m sure I’ll still learn some things I don’t currently know yet but that knowledge will come with some more experience with NixOS.

If you enjoy Arch you will probably also enjoy NixOS, so play around with it in a vm and see how you get on with it. Here’s the link I used for most of setting it up, the rest I Google when I needed to look for something specific.


Just a few changes. Firstly, change to my newly made EndeavourOS wallpaper. Also added global menu, changed icons to Tela, changed application menu icon to monochrome, and a few other minor tweaks…


One word of caution: if you update your system as much as the average EOS/Arch user does, you’ll be eating up a lot of disk space, especially if you declare a bunch of system-related python modules. My NixOS Budgie VM takes up about twice the space of my other Linux VMs, and that’s with strict purging of generations.

If/when their Wiki approaches Arch’s in details/accuracy, it will be a much better experience.

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I only have my desktop install setup and I don’t install anything I don’t need, same as how I had it with my Arch install. From my understanding of the documentation you can run these.
nix-collect-garbage: to remove old, unreferenced packages.
nix-collect-garbage -d: to remove garbage collector roots and old configurations, meaning you can’t boot from them anymore.


@ajgringo619 I would hope that information is correct and works, I got that information from the official manual and I hope the same for this.

Looks like some Suru++ theme.

I use these commands to cleanup after a NixOS upgrade:

nix-env --delete-generations 30d
sudo nix-collect-garbage --delete-older-than 30d

While it makes a difference, the disk usage is still higher than any of my other systems.

Check out the second link I shared, that seems to clean up space too.

Yeah it is. I just don’t remember where I downloaded it from lol.

The name of the icon set is