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Thanks :smiley:

The other one was on my laptop and this one is on my desktop



Thanks! Ditto Menu is great and easy to set up.

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I finally also tried Gruvbox as theme, and I am in love a bit. Now I just need to rice my i3 config also. Changing the Endeavour icon in XFCE to one that was colormatched was way easier than I thought.


Simple Plasma ricing with PlasmaStyleLayan and Colorscheme Monochrome.
My Plasmoids: window-button, HideTitles kwin script, Onze Menu, present window button

My other attempts to do something with colors like Catppuccin or Solar Storm have somehow come to nothing. Sometimes you can’t see anything, sometimes it’s too light or dark. Now I decided to simplify everything a bit again but to have it well displayed and readable.


The first screen is very good for the eyes. A good example IMO for people with sensitive eyesight. :man_white_haired: :eyeglasses:

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The whole colorschemes with too many colors are really very counterproductive. They may look very good, but they do little good. I have to use glasses to read. On the screen I still manage without :older_man: :eyeglasses:

Exactly. :enos_flag:
I have noticed more and more people taking care of their eyes with different options.
Ex: this 22 inch Benq is much better than previous philips or acer from 15-10 years ago. Asus has a new line of “eye care” monitors iirc.

For my daily workstations, I have noticed a couple months ago, when one installs Krita, you get additional color themes in KDE. One I’ve chosen is Krita Bright, and modified it a bit with a “beige-ish” background and Teal ( #008080 ) my favorite color. And it gives me a perfect non aggressive display. I like it a lot.
Here’s a screenshot:

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This looks pretty neat :heart_eyes:
I really like dark themes. So white font on a dark background. that is for me the most eye-friendly. I’ve tried it with light themes but somehow that is, the longer the day lasts in which you sit in front of the computer, too bright for me. :desktop_computer: :eyeglasses: :older_man:

Yes pure whitish are now hurtful for my eyes. I try to avoid them :grimacing:
Have a great rest of the day … I understand it’s almost supper en Germany :wink:

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À bientôt !

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I really like wallpapers designed by WLOP



Love the simplicity, just looks nice

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1 month Sway challenge continues.


How’s Sway treating you? Do you mind sharing your dotfiles?

Back on EndeavorOS. :slight_smile:


It has been very stable and painless. I can upload my dots somewhere tomorrow :slight_smile:

Link to dots:


My dad when he was 79, during our last trip into the mountains we ever did.

Fond memories.