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Didn’t I tell you to cut it off allready? Maaaaan your set ups…

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only two plasmoids changed this time…it’s really unbelievable how much time you can lose in it :sweat_smile:


Hey guys,

Been spending a lot of time in nano and I just need a better text editor that’ll help me feel a little more at home in my workspace. Any suggestions for programs and themes/dotfiles?

This is my first forum post! Yay! I have been with EOS for just over a year, making the exodus from LM. I have to say that this distro is freaking awesome! It is a tinkerer’s dream! :slight_smile: Having come from LM I have been using Cinnamon DE on EOS making my transition and workflow easy. However, as of late, I have become bored with the look and feel of my DE and decided to tinker with AwesomeWM on EOS in a VM, creating an EOS-centric theme, before committing the changes to my PC. Here’s a look at what I have done so far with AwesomeWM! Its been awesome messing with Awesome! :smiley:

Credits go out to:
theme base:
power button:
wibar icons:
EOS community wallpapers
and all the Reddit forum posts on AwesomeWM.


@Bukabuka Welcome - looks awesome indeed.

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Welcome to the dark side. :wave:

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It will be my first full year of daily driving Linux in like a week or ten days :partying_face: I’ve had an overall pleasant experience with Linux so far. I did face several harsh months of freezes, segfaults and everything in between, but that was due to a bad RAM stick! Errors and bugs I’ve been able to either solve or live through (or well, roll back :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:).

I’m now extremely comfortable with this look and feel. Stock Adwaita color scheme with wallpaper changes every few weeks - everything I usually need are on the left dock, if I’m too lazy to grab my mouse I’ll just hit Super key and type the first two-three letters of what I need and they’re right there; Fn+F11/F12 for kitty depending on my keyboard; when I’m not using it on my lap it’s plugged in to a dock (battery set to charge under 55 and stop at 60). I’ve also configured VPN so I can easily click on the VPN toggle from the GNOME Control Center whenever I need to start it. Easy! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Depends on what you prefer:

  • vim/neovim/vi - drives me insane, it is a modal editor
  • micro - simple terminal editor with “windows” style shortcuts. My backup editor.
  • emacs - my preference - Biiiig learning curve, configures in a form of lisp.

I don’t get on with modal editors, steam comes out of my ears and the computer gets thrown across the room :rofl:

Emacs FTW.

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This looks awesome! Love the wallpaper!

Found on

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Newly installed and as always (for several years) impeccable!
The developers’ work is unbeatable!
Thank you so much !!
Semper Fi


Did the deed and swapped from sway to Hyprland. Get Hypr! :grin:

Edit: Should’ve colored the Waybar icons the same color as the terminal background… :eyes:


Getting Hyprland functionally pretty dialed in to where I want it now. Any remaining tweaks will just be just subtle refinements as I use it.


Installed Hyprland alongside KDE Plasma which went perfectly fine with this scipt:

Afterwards I applied this one to get all the visual magic and stuff:

I would say it looks just great:


same old, just aesthetic variation → latest KDE.


I wanted to give a heart, but for some reason I facepalmed, god damn discourse, and I can’t take it back for some reason… instead I got a first reaction badge for this… sorry man, looks really nice!!!

No worries :slight_smile:

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That’s sweet eye candy! :star_struck:

Nothing unusual. KDE on Endeavour OS works so nicely! I’ve tried Wayland numerous times, but can’t get excited about it. Kwin(X11) is fine for me :slightly_smiling_face: