EndeavourOS Logo missing in starship prompt

I am confused and have to admit I don’t understand it either. I use starship as zsh prompt in my terminal. For some time now, my :enos: logo is no longer displayed. I can’t remember when this happened, but I noticed it yesterday.

I have integrated the logo from this site and into my starship.toml.
This is what it looks like now

In this topic you can see how the :enos: logo with starship prompt should look like.

I’m not a coder at all and that’s probably why I don’t understand what happened. Why can Fira-code-nerd-font no longer display this symbol?

Got it back. Changed ttf from Fira-Code_Nerd-Font to JetBrains Mono NF

For me, that’s completely weird because i have changed the fonts a lot of time before starting this thread.

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