[root] EndeavourOS grub theme

On my do-something-else-day - I have hacked a grub theme together.

Based on the great wallpaper found here and some of my existing themes I give you:

EndeavourOS Galleon GRUB

Named by @anon96036739 - the artist behind the painting.


Source is at github - follow this link


yay -S endeavouros-galleon-grub

Source also includes PKGBUILD for easy installation.


This is gorgeous. I vote that this be included in the default install, after some tweaks to make the text more legible.

Or at least make a package called: grub2-theme-eos-ship or something like that, for the official eos repo :slight_smile:


Beautiful work. It is ALMOST enough to make me want to use grub again :grin:

Of course - this would need some tweaking too… :grin:


Theme looks great, but then I’m a bit biased, lol. Really like the menus and design you’ve done. :+1:t2:


Great work with that painting, @anon96036739 :heart_eyes:


The icons look great on yours too @freebird54

Thanks so much Kresimir. Very kind of you. Glad you like it. :slight_smile:

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Thanks - but no time spent (yet) on aesthetics… I think its going to need it, though :grin:

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That’ll be fun! :slight_smile:

Very nice! :+1:

I had no idea you can create such padding as on picture 2, that’s cool :slight_smile:

This looks awesome.

A small “nit-pick” is that it’s stretched on a 4:3 display… :frowning_face:

I really love it! In my opinion, a good addition would be to add a background (semi-transparent would fit) to most labels (even unselected) as I find it a bit hard to read sometimes :+1:


This is good idea.

  • checking how to - it also revealed some flaws in the design.

I will rework it a little bit - hang on.

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Reworked and added a countdown circle

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Looking good! :+1:t2: If I may also offer an idea or two … if the purple box was flush at the bottom, as at the top, and white or dark grey for the button, instead of black, could work well too, or for a second option for people.

What do mean? I am not the graphical type - I am with colors as a cow with a violin.

I did experiment with the white button - I think grey is a good idea.

And by the way - the git repo now contains a PKGBUILD - to ease installation.

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This Grub theme looks so nice!

Sorry, I meant there’s just a small gap where the purple shows at the top, above text, but a large amount of purple below the 3rd line of text. Flush as in ‘aligned with’. Maybe my Northern British vocab coming in there! :slight_smile:

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yay - got it - fixed

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Yay; you’re a star! Looks great. :+1:t2:

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