Endeavour galleon wallpaper

Wow, thank you, this is realy beautifully done!

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You’re very welcome. Glad you like it! :slight_smile:

Thank you Bryanpwo! :slight_smile: Hope you enjoy it.


You really have a lot of talent and a very good savoir faire !

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Thank you very much, judd. Enjoy! And I’ve just remembered I meant to upload a greyscale version also, so there’s 2 choices/effects … will do that now.

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A greyscale version. I’ll do a greyscale with the coloured logo, too. :slight_smile:


Greyscale + colour. :slight_smile:


We have a space within the forum for monochrome backgrounds, come and see if you like them! :wink:

Nice picture. :slight_smile:

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Would it be possible to post a 4K-ish resolution of color one in the original post like how the complete greyscale one is 4K-ish?

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Great! Will go and have a look. :slight_smile: If the ones I’ve added need moving, no problem.

Thank you zoli62 :slight_smile:

The colour version in the original post I think is as big as I can get it … I’m not great with all the numbers/resolutions stuff, lol, but on looking up 4k it’s saying 8mb+ and similar pixel width/height to the colour galleon, which is 9.2mb and 4041x2250. I couldn’t resize/upload it larger via postimage as their limit is 12mb. The original, before I scaled it down for upload, was 21mb … not sure how I could get that uploaded, but, if it’s possible … :slight_smile:

What an incredible creation for a wallpapaer! My heavens you are talented! Many, many thanks for posting this.

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Wow, thank you! :slight_smile: Very kind of you, and you’re more than welcome; hope you really enjoy using it. :slight_smile:



Just tagging this on here, as it has a colour and a black/white low rez version. :+1:t2:

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I see that the artist is not on the forum anymore, and Google Picture search does not find any better results, but I still want to try :wink:

Would there be some high-resolution version of the ship-wallpaper from OP be available anywhere?

It’s a great loss for the forum that the OP is gone. She was a very respected member of the community. There is, as far as I can tell, no way to contact her off site, because she didn’t leave any contact info. So we can only hope she makes a second account and uploads a high-resolution version.



Yeah that’s kinda weird…People got tendencies to disappear lately :frowning:


Hope she’s well!

Oh snap… didn’t know she was gone :confused: