Remove make dependencies

Greetings to all,
My journey with EOS and Linux continues…
I have a question regarding make dependencies when installing software. Precisely Kodi in that instance.
I understand that when you install software, you are bound to install dependencies. What are the implication when you say yes to removing make dependencies ?

AUR is building program’s package from source, so you need to install some Make dependencies in most cases required to build it.

Here AUR just essentially ask if you want to remove those make dependencies when building process is finished, in case you don’t need them for future (maybe you just want to try software, and doesn’t want to update / rebuild it later) or want to save space! :slight_smile:

You might wanna check this out for basics of AUR:

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@keybreak Thanks for taking the time. My input was yes. I guess saving space is a big thing.
Another question came up during the building the pvr client. I went on compiling stuff and was wondering if that was the right way. It said that the build files exist. Asking then the “packages to cleanBuild”. I simply input the A for All and then to the question “diff to show” input I for installed.
Was that the correct way ? I won’t go any further than that as I am drowning already :slight_smile:

PS: The pvr client is installed correctly


There’s no rights or wrongs here :wink:

Thanks again.
I am reading as much as I can but reading don’t make it better as far as me understanding :slight_smile: (unfortunately). I guess this is why Linux will never really succeed on the Desktop because of people like me being a majority compared to geeks. Only Windows is successful because they have successfully dumbed down computers with all the downside of trying to make something very complicated into something not…

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I don’t think that accurate though…It’s mostly historically failure of Linux crowd / docs in understanding that some people just wired differently, if something else.

Some people are just more audio/visual kinds, rather than readers - hence it’s sometimes difficult to grasp even simple things in a form of text.

But nowadays it’s not problem at all, there’s everything under the Sun available for Linux in all forms:

  • wiki
  • man
  • tutorials
  • podcasts
  • videos

You name it :upside_down_face:


On windows, you can play dumb and click “next…next” on the installer. Everything will (hopefully) work fine.
On Arch, you get do decide what all things you want to keep.

Usually, you look up things when you first encounter them. (like you did today). From next time its not an issue. You know what the message means. After a month or two, you become comfortable. (and you get spoiled by all the choices and power you get on linux distros.)

Switching to linux distro can be a bit rough for the first week. But its nothing to fear. You won’t regret the decision.

Also as keybreak said, linux distros have lots of learning resources nowadays.

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Thanks for all the support.
I am afraid if, after reading asking and not finding an answer, I will move on and distro hope. I came to the conclusion that there is magic wand. Even with all the different support being wiki, video etc…sometimes it simply is too much. I know my limits but most of all, I am simply a user conscious of privacy and security and that’s why I am trying to make the move to a space where I would get those two…
I guess if I had to build the best of both world, would be an OS like Linux with a Win community. Windows OS is most definitely crap but the community is awesome.

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Not trying to offend anyone, but whenver I have problems with windows I get the following suggestions:

  1. Reboot
  2. Re-install windows

Never been able spot the root cause of problems on windows.

Endeavour OS community is very good. (I don’t have enough experience with other forums, so I cannot call it the ‘best’; but yeah, this place is awesome!)

Wishing you a good journey with EnOS! :partying_face:


All right troll, get out!! shh shh!! :rofl:

WHAT Windows community?
There is absolutely none of those, it’s proprietary garbage with 0 meaningful support 100% of time if you’re really lucky :laughing:

  1. Update your Windows 10
  2. Reinstall it
  3. Have you enabled your PC?

Don’t mean to offend anyone…
I would agree on the Windows side. If you have an issue, just reinstall/reboot. This is what I mean by dummying down computers. Yet, this answers to a vast majority of their user base. You can, of course, take it to the next level, but then, you move on to a minority composed of geeks…
Don’t have much experience with Linux in general and also their communities to comment further. Hopefully as @flyingcakes is saying, its going to be enjoyable and mostly fun…
Fun is the most important part…


Stick around, read the forums, and if you get stuck just ask for help. This forum is truly an oasis in the Arch linux realm. Best of both worlds really, cutting edge distro with cutting edge support. :hugs:


Truer words have never been spoken :+1:
Jeez! Now my fingers are bleeding! :joy:

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I think the only community which has more cutting edges is this: