Remove all tag of an mp3

I have mp3 recordings that have wrong tag.
When i play the mp3 on my android phone using mapple player, it only display the tag info, i can’t see which file that i am playing…
Is there way to remove all tag using ffmpeg ?

try Easytag

why everytime i switch a folder, it asks “some files have being modified but not saved”… but i did not modify anything… just browsing for the file to change tag.

Is that way to make my file name = title name in a mp3 ?
or where can i search for such documentation ?

For tags I use Kid3. Can also remove tags.

Change to ID3v2.4 in the settings.

Does it do batch operation ? like i have a whole folder of mp3 that i won’t bother to sort thru, just remove all the tags or make a certain tag same as filename, so that my mp3 player can display the correct name …

Sorry, I don’t get you. Where is the location ? i am at "edit > preference > id3 tag > ??

I currently don’t have it installed, but go through all the tabs, it’s easy to find.

ID3v2.3 is preset. Change it to ID3v2.4!


Is it this option “confirm before losing unsaved changes to files” ? although i don’t think so.

I tried removing tags from 4 albums. Went fine.

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:pray: Gracias! Thanks. will try that out.

Kid3 is KDE (qt), Easytag is GNOME/Xfce (gtk), which one you want to use is up to you :wink:

The title of the easy tag is not easily understandable by newbie such I.
What does "write ID3v2 tag version: ID3v2.3 or ID3v2.4 " means ? what’s the different ? is there any help on such things ? so that i can learn without bothering you for all these tiny stuff ?


I have tested both. I really do not like Easytag. Kid 3 is better in my opinion. We talk a bit about that in this thread:


If you have an old gadget, it probably reads ID3v1.1. Newer it reads ID3v1.1 and ID3v2.3. Flac Vorbis! I never tag 2.4. ID3v2.3 you can do more with. You can add music text and so on. The safest are both ID3v1.1 and ID3v2.3. Then you can read the tag on most things.

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Right! But it’s about the error message that Easytag brings as soon as you try to close it again. These would be fixed with the changeover.