Remove all tag of an mp3

A quick :duck::duck::running_man: search gave me this:

ffmpeg -i input.mp3 -map 0:a -codec:a copy -map_metadata -1 output.mp3

This should remove all metadata from an mp3 file.


I think i miss led you thinking that the maple mp3 player can’t display foreign character… it is not so.
The reason that my mp3 player does not display the file name is because the Title Tag in the mp3 was all the same, the person who made the tag repeatedly use the same thing for title.
Hence all i see is the same file no matter which mp3 i played. It is not scrobbling issue.

there is still puddletag (aur/appimage), which after many years finally has received an update. it strongly reminds of mp3tag, a fine tagger for win.

Wonderful, this is just what i am looking for, so that i don’t have no install and learn more other packages that do the samething of what built in packages can achive already.

I am trying to do a executable file to loop it within all file of a folder. Because all mp3 files in the folder are with bad tags. I don’t need tag for this kind of audio speach recording.
I have tried once, but it seems to be not working. I will provide more detail how i do it later.

The cause for that behaviour is the auto correction of the tagger. It changes things in the name of the file or in the tags according to the required specifications for naming and tagging.

The important tabs in settings (using e.g. Easytag) are :
ID3 Metadata

How do i know what did it auto changed ?

Just have a look at the tabs I mentioned above. That will show you which changes are automatically made. As far as I know there is no way to display that within the GUI. But maybe I missed something.
If that happens to me I just save the changes because I know they are necessary for the files being played correctly on most devices.
Some of them are just made to meet the needs of several file systems.(e.g. fat32 for MP3 players).

I dare not save it , because everytime i browse a folder , it tells me “some files have being modified but not saved. Do you want to save them before changing directory ?”…
I dare not save because i don’t know what it modified and is it good or not. I have always pressed "discard " button.

You can handle it that way for sure. Then just save the changes you made deliberately. That should keep you on the, from your point of view, safe side.

One of the first settings I always change is scanning folders recursively. I deactivate it so the tagger only edits the current folder. Otherwise it would, with my collection, scan nearly 45 k sound files when I click on folder Musik. In addition to that I do have more control of what is changed.