Reflector-auto is not found by pacman


Today Joe kindly shared with me the intro in the EOS wiki for ranking the mirrors:

The article suggests to install reflector-auto. However, when I try to follow this suggestion, it does not work because pacman tells me that it cannot find the package. In fact, if I do -Ss, it finds two packages:
community/reflector 2019.3-1 [instalado] A Python 3 module and script to retrieve and filter the latest Pacman mirror list.
endeavour/reflector-antergos 1.36-1 Ranks Antergos mirrors, similar idea with package ‘reflector’ that ranks Arch mirrors.

The first one is already installed in the system. Apparently, reflector-auto is at the repo:

What am I missing here?

hello,reflector-auto is on the depot endeavoros ; yay reflector-auto and I did a test in a vm and it works

Nothing, it seems the instructions left out a few steps and you will have to compile it yourself (or just install the …pkg.tar.xz with sudo pacman -U …). :wink:

sudo pacman -S reflector-auto won’t work because as you noticed a package of that name doesn’t seem to exist.

So, here goes (can’t hurt to know how to compile anyway):

Make a temporary directory (can be deleted after the install), e. g.

mkdir ~/Downloads/reflectorauto

cd into it

cd ~/Downloads/reflectorauto/

Download the PKBUILD file


Build the package


If successful a *.pkg.tar.xz file will have been built in the directory.
Install this file/package with

sudo pacman -U <*.pkg.tar.xz_file>

e. g. sudo pacman -U ~/Downloads/reflectorauto/reflector-auto-1.1-1-any.pkg.tar.xz

Continue with the Wiki…

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@VanQuijote I just installed it and set it up exactly right now. No issues. I did exactly via the instructions and i used pacman to install it. I also ran it and it updated and ranked my mirrors as i set it to do. There is nothing missing in the instructions.

@VanQuijote Reflector 2019.3-1 is a script to retrieve the latest pacman mirror list.
Reflector-auto 1.1-1 automates ranking of Arch mirrors with reflector.
Both are installed on my system now.

As @JR29 say’s you can also install it with yay.

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@VanQuijote Here is shown installed.


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here there are several levels of archlinux, do not give the expert mode, when you do not know its level

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@VanQuijote The only thing that i see that is missing in the instructions is the following. When you use nano to edit the configuration file after you install reflector-auto. You have to save it after you enter the countries you want.
sudo nano /etc/reflector-auto.conf

This opens a new reflector-auto.conf file that is blank. You have to add the entries you want. So the countries you choose to use and rank mirrors.

Example: I used United States and Canada

-c United States -c Canada -f 15 -p https

Then you have to save the file by hitting ctrl o enter and to exit you hit crtl x.
Then you have to start reflector-auto.
Then you have to enable reflector-auto.
Then you can check the status.
All of these instructions are there and correct and the easiest way.

So what i’m saying is in case you are not aware. Nano is a text editor and to save the conf file you are creating you use ctrl o and enter & to exit the file you hit ctrl x.


@manuel @fernandomaroto is there something going on at the repo?

It worked fine for @JR29 and myself.

for my part, it works very well and everything is explained on our wiki

Can anyone do not get reflector-auto post what is set as EndeavourOS repo inside pacman.conf?

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@VanQuijote If you see reflector-antergos, then your repos are outdated leftovers from Antergos.
Please show the contents of your /etc/pacman.conf file.


I as wondering when i saw the endeavour/reflector-antergos. Has it even been converted to Endeavour mirror list?

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If you mean is reflector-antergos in EOS repos, the answer is no.

No i meant has his system been converted to Endeavour? Properly?

Oh yes, that’s why I asked that /etc/pacman.conf. The conversion seems not done properly.

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